Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Material Boy #248

Below: Mid-thigh tailored shorts are hot this summer season!

Below: Another amazing strap style sandals from HE By Mango!

Below: How both comes together as worn by the cute model....drools...

Adam For HE By Mango Grey Checkered Tailored Shorts And Ankle Height Leather Strap Sandals

It seems the bad economy has shown no signs of improvement any time soon, so it is time to readjust my shopping budget and to psyche myself into lusting for more affordable labels. But that is not to say I am in favour of sacrificing good design nor quality for price. Although, I am not agreeing entirely that HE by Mango does great designs and is of great quality, but their recent collaboration with Adam Lippes do offer pieces which are worth 'investing'. Pricing may be slightly higher than most street labels, but it is not unattainable, almost Zara prices. I would rather pay a bit more than buying bad quality such as Topman's items. You can spot the significant difference in quality and workmanship between these 2 street labels, even though Adam for HE costs just slightly more.

I had the chance to try out a pair of checkered shorts at Topman which costs SGD $65 and a pair of Adam For HE shorts at SGD $99. Both look similar but Topman's quality is crap and crazy to command a $65 price tag. Loose thread ends, lousy fabric quality makes this an unwise place to spend your money on. I think Adam For HE have a balance of quality and price, which is great during 'wallet slimming' times. I am considering buying this lovely pair of Adam For HE Grey Checked Tailored Shorts. Looks chic and fabulous with shirts or tees for a nonchalant summer look.

Another item I am eyeing on is the Ankle Height Black Leather Strap Sandals. Not as gladiator in style(which is great since the trend might just die off by next season) but the covered heel design is cute and different. I wonder if I should get it, after amassing so many pairs of unworn sandals (gladiator style too! Yikes!) since last year. But at a price tag of SGD $119, it's a good buy which will last many seasons.

Source: HE By Mango

Retail price:

1) Adam For HE Grey Checkered Tailored Shorts - SGD $99

2) He By Mango Ankle Height Black Leather Strap Sandals - SGD $119

Where to buy: HE By Mango Counter at Isetan Scotts


Harold said...

I got those sandals in London a week ago. I can't help looking at them, they're really beautiful and comfortable. I love them

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Good choice! I adore them:-) Very nice design.

deluxeduck said...

i like these!

Anonymous said...

i got the brown sandals insread..they look and feel more comfortable than the black those shorts love HE Mango

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin and all of you who have bought the sandals,

'Just would like to find out if the edge of the sandals shred easily. I went to take a look at the sandals and i was quite turned off kby the shredding leather at the eadge of those straps. Thanks!:)


UKbagboy said...

where have I been, how have I missed this? Mango Man? Wow, I'll be taking a trip there at the weekend for a quick look. Not sure my pasty white UK boy legs are gonna be appropriate for the shorts though...!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

I saw the sandals just now...and I do not sense a problem with the leather. I have a pair of Mango sandals from last Spring Summer season and they were one of my favourite pair of shoe. So no problems up till now. Get a new pair, the display pair might have been severly worn out thru constant trying.

And UKbagboy...yes, go check it out. Adam pieces are pretty good understated design with bright coloured inside seams (dun really see the point of that since it is inside..hahaah). And the pricing is quite good. However, be weary of the logo pieces which can get tacky.

Anonymous said...

Awww...I was in Singapore last weekend and hunting for it up and down. I saw your earlier entry saying something about finding He by Mango at Shaw....turn out the actual counter is at isetan scotts.

Oh well, just not meant to be.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yeah, they have dedicated the shaw centre store to women's again. and made the counter at the revamped menswear department of Isetan scotts dedicated to menswear.

So check it out when you can.:-P


Anonymous said...

i just got the sandals! its really comfortable and chic! The price also fell to $115.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Congrats!:-P those are really sandals.