Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My MANy Travel Inspirations - Twin Palms, Phuket

Twin Palms, Phuket (Thailand)

Yet another gem in chic and savvy stays in Phuket. Contemporary is the key, indulgence is a must. This Twin Palms resort is befitting for all fashion forward, beautiful people to flaunt their sun kissed bodies and perfect abs and enjoy a holiday in true fashionista style. Just check out the hotel's is almost like a fashion editorial!

If I am ever there (cross my fingers I will), it seems I will have to pack a trunk-ful of all my designer gear and get ready a few terabytes memory card to capture narcissistic shots of myself. My friends will have to be the photographer:-P Just kidding.

Contemporary design, unexpected of Phuket, with modern comforts and convenience. Spacious bathroom with rain and hand showers. DVD and hi-fi systems, stunning pool and tropical garden views from private balconies with oversized beds are just some features one will get to enjoy.

I am feeling the travel bug after browsing the hotel's website.

Twin Palms


H::A:I:R:I said...

hi kevin for your information , tyra bank has stayed here previously with regards to the American next top model good , wow need to unwind lah.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Ooooh...if Tyra and the models stayed here before...then makes me want to stay here all the more! hahaha.

Yes, a holiday is in dire need now.

Thanks for the info.