Thursday, 5 March 2009

My MANy Bags News #48

Chloé Has Launched A 'Mr Paddington' Mens Accessories Collection

From, I stumbled upon this piece of news...Chloé has launched a men's accessories collection recently. I used to translate the Japanese text, and the information I gather is that this collection is aptly named Mr Paddington (Presumably, after their hugely successful women's Paddington bags, the one with the big lock.). This is what I translated from the Japanese text.

'The fan long-awaited men's line appears from series Mr.PADDINGTON of Chloé attention. As a men's collection of popularity collection PADDINGTON of [kuroe], it is sold with period limitation up to 2/14 of the Saint Valentine's Day 'Mr.PADDINGTON'. Gathering topic even among them the men's bag of the new work. 2 types of duffel and [toto] are sold, develop with 2 materials of the [uotsushiyudo] calfskin and the metallic calfskin. Needs as a men's back have been satisfied sufficiently even from the size impression and the aspect of durability. In addition, [uoretsuto] 3 type, key case, business card holder and bracelet etc in the midst of sale."

I wonder if it is really limited edition seeing the range is sold within a limited period of up to Valentines Day.

But to be honest, it is not of any loss if you did not get any. I do not think the design is something too lust worthy. Just another bag gimmick to sell more bags. If Chloé wants to enter into the men's market, they should work harder to design more exciting and most importantly, signature styles.

Source: Honeyee

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