Sunday, 1 March 2009

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #23

Balenciaga, Rolled-Up Pants and Joseph's Mittens?!?!?!

New looks from the ever ingenious Sartorialist. He is simply amazing to be able to document the chic looks in everyday people. I wonder if he will ever make it to Singapore and I would like to see what he will be able to capture.

But here's 3 looks that I adore:-)

1) Balenciaga Bag and my fur collar...dramatic at the very least, not what I would wear, maybe something smaller. But I like the hat, and most of all, I like the Balenciaga that a weekender size? Seems too small. Goes to show guys rock Balenciaga as well as ladies!

2) Thom Browne must be so proud now. His above ankle length pants look is a hot trend among guys now...rolled up your jeans, pants or those ankles!

3) Mittens and Joseph....okay..maybe not a trend...but the red mittens reminds me of Joseph's. :-P Fashion starts young...and this boy definitely is on a good start...

Source: Sartorialist

1 comment:

00o00 said...

YAY my mittens is making a fashion comeback!!
and i like it that the balenciaga guy in first pic is wearing driving gloves, similar to mine too!