Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Shopping Conquest #54

Mulberry Ostrich Skin Card Case In Orange
(Reveal from 'A little Retail Therapy...')

Yes, I went shopping a bit this wednesday, upon getting very excited at the prospect of buying something in exotic leather and in my favourite new colour of orange! I am in the process of collecting a set of matching orange small leather goods to keep my small possessions and get organised! It all started with the Louis Vuitton Graffiti orange frenzy!

This Mulberry Ostrich Skin Card Case In Orange is definitely a must have in my 'acquisition' plan. Crafted in orange Ostrich skin(never own anything ostrich before!), this cute little leather card case has 2 card slots and a larger pocket with a slight depth for storing a good number of business cards or simply to keep receipts. It will look very presentable during business meetings as you pull out your name cards and make a self introduction. Being in orange, it will be eye catching and the ostrich skin will make it look luxurious!

I originally plan to purchase this online at Mulberry's website (Slightly cheaper even after my 15% Club 21 discount) but it was sold out during the time I had wanted to make the transaction. I was skeptical on Mulberry store at Hilton Hotel stocking this, but I rang them up anyway. To my surprise, they did have this item in stock and I was very happy. Immediately, I asked them to reserve a piece and I hurried down that same day to purchase it. I was determined to get my hands on some ostrich skin:-P

It was a blessing in disguise that I did not managed to buy this card case online. Ostrich skin comes in different variations of texture, some parts nicer than the other. Ostrich skin is most recognisable by the 'goose bump' texture (due to the feathers) and it is important you get that portion to justify paying higher than usual amounts for ostrich leather goods. I was shown all 3 pieces of the card case at the Mulberry Boutique. All 3 had different textures. One had only the creasing portion of the skin and remotely looked Ostrich skin. The other had only one side with the skin pores while the other side was just plain skin. Fortunately, the third piece fared a lot better. I chose the piece which features both sides of the card case with the skin pores texture. It definitely looked ostrich skin. I was thinking to myself, I could have received a disappointing purchase if I ordered it online. Who knows what texture will I get from online order.

Happy with my choice, the beautiful card case came home with me. I am seeing lots of use for this item. I am slowly building up my orange coloured accessories collection. Thanks to Mulberry for a new member to the orange family!

Retail price: SGD $319. Where to buy: Mulberry Boutique at Hilton Hotel


Anonymous said...

lol Mulberry spree!! can't wait for the mid year sales! I'll see u by then haha

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh yes, I should organise a 'my MANy Bag Fans' sale shopping tour during the sale season. We will invade the stores and save the economy!:-P


yes, see you then! U are good. have not been shopping at all.

Anonymous said...

i love the colour. i wonder if the one you're revealing on Sunday is orange too.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes, I love the orange ostrich skin:-P

quite unique.

Tommorrow will be the day. :-P

LiveLifeLuxe said...

That's really a steal for ostrich leather – great buy!

00o00 said...

nice color and material, ostrich skin is so soft and mushy!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Indeed Mervyn, the price is unbelievable.:-)

And Joe, yes, the leather is soft and actually looks nice even with the big pores!:-)