Monday, 16 March 2009

Tri-coloured Boat Shoes: D&G vs Superga

Below: D&G's Tri-coloured Boat Shoes (US$490)

Below: Superga's Tri-coloured Boat Shoes (UK 77 pounds)

D&G vs Superga Tri-coloured Boat Shoes

Just as I have posted about's new menswear site launch...I surf thru their offerings and found one item that I got excited about! It's dandy on a dime time!

D&G Tri-coloured boatshoes: US $490 (sold at D&G stores)
Superga Tri Coloured boatshoes: UK 77 pounds (sold at

If you ask me...both look really similar and unless you have too much extra $ to spare, go for the D&G. But if not, the Superga version looks equally fabulous to pull off the nautical look!

Amazing...dun we love shopping for less?:-P

Source: D&G boat shoe pic from

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Jackson said...

It's so stylish and gorgeous boat shoes... Perfect for me!!