Saturday, 28 March 2009

YSL Bag...

YSL Leather Messenger Bag

If anyone is interested in the YSL bag that was blogged about here recently, here's another pic of how the bag looks shoulder slung on a guy...

Looks cool. But the model may be wearing the wrong outfit to match the bag.

Nonetheless, the saving grace is the YSL bag. Does not look too small when shoulder slung.

Anyone buying?

Thanks to fellow reader Mayhem for the pic!


Agency Exec said...

Yes. I want one. Black looks very classic too.

Anonymous said...

You can see a picture of this bag in the black version on
Collection/Women/ready wear/Unisex Edition.

In Europe, the caramel verion is not yet available. But, you can found it, in black, in men shop.1300EUROS. (1700 usd?)

The size is perfect. Not too big. Not too small. And the double slung is good idea. The shorter is very chic, more formal.

I am waiting for the caramel one
G75V said...

I am quite surprised by how great this bag looks. I like the color. It adds a nice vintage touch, like a school or mail bag.

Thanks for the photo!

Anonymous said...

i bought it:)

its very nice, i luv it!


Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh Andrew, you got one?

Send pics!:-) Share it with the other bag fans!:-P

The brown one has a vintage touch, but the black one is very modern and cool.

toosan said...

i think i'll be getting this one too~ either this or the rive gauche i guess...