Friday, 3 April 2009

The Material Boy #261

Polo Ralph Lauren Pieced Canvas Tote

I finally decided to give my 'shopping ban' a break after working like a horse this whole week. Waiting sometimes is much more hard work than actually doing anything. :-P

So with the new business pitch progressing at last, and incoming weekends going to be invested in the office, I decided I deserve a break and reward. So what better ways to achieve that goal than to hit the stores in Orchard Road. I shop in the 'name' of my readers!:-P Aren't I that 'noble'?:-P. Okay okay, before I hear rotten eggs flying my way. Here's something I spotted during this evening's shopping expedition.

Presenting my latest discovery of a bag 'gem', the Polo Ralph Lauren Pieced Canvas Tote, with a equestrian feel:-) Bagaholicboy recently blogged about Hermes range of canvas bags (Country Lane Collections) that is perfect for the horse riding gentlemen of countryside manors and huge lush estates. And if Hermes is out of your price range (seriously I think the range is insanely overpriced and not worth it. It's canvas afterall) , then this Polo Ralph Lauren Pieced Canvas Tote could serve the 'Baron' in you well. Crafted with patchwork canvas, embroidered with emblems (like some gentlemen's alumni club), this tote also features a tan leather base and handles. Very colourful and well shaped, a piece of bag candy that works great with polo tees and shorts for an elegant and sporty look.

There are 2 versions available at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in Paragon. The version inside the display window is my preferred, having more intricate patch work and a more pleasant colour combination. Me love! (I think only one piece of each is you know what to do if you are interested!)

Source: Bag pics from Polo Ralph Lauren

Retail price:
SGD $1190. Where to buy: Polo Ralph Lauren Boutique at Paragon


From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Spotted it last time I was in town, really expensive for a bag from Polo Ralph don't you think?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Well, Polo do have top of the line sub brands like the purple label. and recently, their designs have been heavily used by fashion editors in magazines. Especially the jap ones.

The handiwork is pretty good. The design is very interesting. and the graphics embroidered and not printed. So I think the price is subjective. It will be justifiable if you like the bag.:-) There is no right and wrong. Just like one can spend thousands on a canvas bag from's still canvas:-)

Anonymous said...

i like the tote on the first pic best. i wonder if they these here...

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I think it should be available if your area has a polo ralph store. Just enquire, Javier:-) It's quite a nice tote.