Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Material Boy #262

Converse x Comme Des Garcons Play Sneakers

As reported by fellow blogger, coinoperatedninja, it seems my favourite footwear, Converse is going to have another collaboration with Comme Des Garcons! Looking forward to see these hit the stores. I think a pair is definitely in the plans. The red PLAY heart logo stood out from the plain canvas, somehow imbueing it with a quirkiness, only inherent in Comme Des Garcons. Love it!

Should hit selected stores in 4 months time:-P

Source: TFS


Niz said...

This is super cool news, Kevin! I am a big fan of Converse (coz they are one of the few labels that carry my size - US 12) and I'm looking forward to grab a pair! Haha. U think they'll stock one in my size? Anywho, do update if U know how much one will cost. ;)

SE@N said...

Sooooo, cute !!!

Allan said...

I heart.

Anonymous said...


oh i do hope they make it to Australia too.

the dealer said...

I am in love with the black pair
I must have them