Monday, 13 April 2009

The Material Boy #266

Below: Hermès Bearn Wallet In Orange

Below: Hermès Bastia Change Purse

Hermès Béarn Wallet And Bastia Change Purse In Orange

While I have babble continuously for the longest time about my obsession over orange coloured leather accessories, I have been trying to put off the inevitable...tempting myself with the holy grail of all things orange.

However, it is now time to drool...behold the 'godmother' of orange, the root of ultimate leather luxury...bow to Hermès! I think I found the perfect new family member for my orange leather goods collection. I need a long wallet now to complete my 'orange clan'. I was thinking of Loewe, I was pondering over LV, I was checking out Mulberry....nothing can ever come close to Hermès' range. I jaws dropped...I think it's love at first sight. The perfect soulmate found.

I want thee...Hermès Béarn Wallet! Sumptuous epsome calfskin, brilliant Hermès signature orange colour, 5 credit card slots, a zip change compartment and palladium 'H' tab closure. It's a dream wallet:-P

Of course, the single piece of Hermès will be lonely without a I found a 'brother' for the Béarn wallet. This cute goatskin Hermès Bastia Change Purse is simple, utilising a folded leather design with a hidden button snap closure.

I can see these two items being a match made in heaven.

And heaven demands that I sell 'an arm and leg' to bring these babies home. Hmmm...better stop lusting, or I get stoned for spending unnecessary money amdist the recession. Banish the temptations...fend off inane cravings!

Retail price:
1) Hermès Béarn Wallet In Orange - UK 1210 pounds

2) Hermès Bastia Change Purse - UK 115 pounds

Where to buy:


Mr. Intrecciato said...

the Bastia Change Purse caught my eye a few months back, and I saw it on eBay going for mid-100s, for a green version. Maybe I should have gotten it? :(

00o00 said...

hmm the price for the change purse ain't too bad..
hmmmmmmmmm said...

If you are going to spring for the Hermes Bearn Wallet, please get it in Chevre (goatskin), it is a much more luxurious skin and Orange looks amazing in Chevre.

At least it is a classic!

SkippyPeanutButterinDC said...

Very good choices and a great color...Hope you get them soon Kevin.