Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Material Boy #273

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Automne

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Black

Below: Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Praline

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Automne

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Charbon

Below: Balenciaga SGH Flat Clutch in Praline

Below: A Purseforum member working the Praline Flat Clutch! Fabulous!

Below: Author of Blog 'We Could Grow Up Together' working his Paul Smith man clutch! Love it!

Below: Author of Blog 'We Could Grow Up Together' with his Balenciaga Clutch?

Below: Author of Blog 'My Fabulous Bag' with his man clutch. Gorgeous!

Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch vs SGH Flat Clutch

Recently I toying with the idea of a man-clutch. And after seeing pics of 2 bloggers (We could Grow Up Together and My Fabulous Bag) clutching their man clutch in such fabulous manner, I am exceptionally keen to get one myself too. Yes, I did have the Paul Smith Laptop Bag which can pass off as a man clutch...I want something in leather that works great for evening.

Of course, the search starts with my favourite brand of the moment, Balenciaga. Here's the 2 variants that can work on me:-P I only want Silver Giant Hardware as I like a bit of bling for evening. These fit my requirements perfectly.

1) SGH Envelope Clutch in Automne, Praline or Black - US$695 (Now US$475 at HG Bags)
2) SGH Flat Clutch in Automne, Praline or Charbon - US$645 (Now US$445 at HG Bags)

So which style to pick? I hate shopping dilemma. Can I have both?:-P

Source: Balenciaga, HG Bags, The Purse Forum, We Could Grow Up Together, My Fabulous Bag


Gregory said...

Hey Kevin, I would go with the envelop clutch, it has so much more personality. The flat clutch just looks like an over sized coin purse .
Good luck !

beautiful things said...

i say go for the envelope (i'm workin on gettin one myself). but that's just me. i hate zipper tops.

p.s. i'm a guy too

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

oh no, drunken pictures!

LiveLifeLuxe said...

When in doubt, buy both!

But seriously, I would think the envelope would make a nicer evening clutch since it's more structured and has less details (more elegant?).

The flat clutch would make a nice Sunday brunch one with more details to spruce up a more casual outfit.

Just my two cents. Those are seriously drool-worthy clutches. Consider the Vuitton Limelight clutch too? Good for evening and very slouchy. ;)

Mr. T said...

I have a Gucci "clutch" that I use when I feel like carrying just the basic stuff. Those Balenciaga ones are really nice though. :-) said...

What about an Hermes Jige Clutch?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks guys...I love these clutches:-)

Balenciaga is my favourite now:-)

So will announce the decision soon:-P

Happy Labour Day!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Oh Kwannam,

if I look that good when drunk..I would not mind to get drunk all the time. hehehe. I love your style:-) you inspire me for the clutch!


Vichaya said...

Well, I'd prefer a guy with flat clutch. Envelope looks too girly with those GH. Sorry.

Love your blog!

clare83nce said...

Hi kevin,
R the bags on HG bags on ebay genuine?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

For authenticity queries, please contact Erica:-) She will be able to answer.

Carlos Sousa said...

It´s me!!!! lol :)

uuuu love that balenciaga one....


Kevin and myMANybags said...

Yes, Carlos! it's are a true bag inspiration:-) Nice to find a fellow bag fan:-P Love your collection and style.

Anonymous said...

Love your bags man! They look as good as the ones fashion presenter Emmanuel Ray carries around. Fab stuff!