Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #02

Below: Kandi Lounge 2008....No one captures the allure of stylish sounds better than
Hed Kandi...as well as Jason Brook's sexy illustration of the fashionable folks
who groove to these music on the album cover.

Kandi Lounge 2008

Beyond the dance rhythms Hed Kandi has brought to clubbing fans around the world comes a new series developed just for the more laid back, low slung grooves much needed for recovery from strenuous dancefloor activities. Kandi Lounge is just the place where bar culture-style soulful offerings meets sub dancefloor Sunday afternoon house. Sometimes kitsch, sometimes quirky, but always spot on in terms of cool. These are music that lets you chill with a martini, dress to kill and sway to the sultry grooves and sexy ambience. The gorgeous album cover illustration by famed Jason Brooks says it all.

2 CDs in this album. Come with a range of genre of cool sounds. I love the first track of CD1, 'Morning Child' by 4Hero which typifies the Kandi Lounge, somewhat current, somewhat retro. It's a good song to start your morning. I also adore the much stripped down version of Andy Caldwell's 'I can't wait'...the guitar arrangement lends a soothing, chillout mood to an afternoon of day dreaming. CD2 has an amazing track 'Midnight Love'...romantic and dreamy, that gets you spirited away down the highway in your porsche against the backdrop of New York's sky scrappers:-)

Fashion needs music. Inspiration needs groove. Music is part of life.

Sample the tracks here at www.hedkandi.com

Source: Hed Kandi

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