Monday, 6 April 2009

My Shopping Conquest #59

Below: Gucci 'Tropical Birds' Print V-neck Tee...I love those bird graphics:-P

Below: Subtle Gucci branding...but it's still visible for the discerning eye:-)

Below: One of my favourite looks from the current Spring Summer 2009 collection. Love the layering effect with this tee.

Below: The green gradient tone pants look fabulous...but not worth the full retail price.

Below: Another look from the runway with the tee:-P This time with a colourful cardigan and shorts:-)

Below: As seen in the Gucci Spring Summer 2009 Ad Campaign...

Gucci 'Tropical Birds' Print Deep V-neck Tee
(Reveal from 'Screw The Shopping Ban!')

This season, Gucci based their Spring Summer 2009 collections on the flora and fauna of South American. Think luscious rain forest, rich tropical colours and jungle, safari style dressing.

One of the key looks that I have been lusting about is that of the model (See above) clad in layered tees, with tan leather jacket and a pair of gorgeous green gradient tone pants. I have list the pants as one of the 'must-buys' of the season for me, but at SGD $850, I had to hold my impulse. The quality and cut was not as expected. Perhaps I will try my luck during sale time.

However, this Gucci 'Tropical Birds' Print Deep V-neck Tee is different matter. I am a fan of the birds print in just simple colour tones of yellow over the grey jersey fabric. A deep v-neck cut allows for multiple layering of coloured tees (I got 2 coloured tees from Topman just to layer with this tee!) underneath, as demonstrated by the very fabulous runway model. I see it working well, for that rainforest explorer look as much as scouring the concrete jungles of urban cities. Will look great pairing with shorts or jeans. And the best part, it does not require you to break the bank as does the pants:-P

Subtle Gucci branding in the form of a script writing is marked on the beak of a toucan, so it is not obscenely showing off the label. Perhaps only your muscular chest if you dare wear it with nothing under:-P

I wish for brilliant sunny weather this coming long weekend so I can wear this tee:-P Happy advance Good Friday to all!

Source: Model pics from

Retail price: SGD $330. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon


freshmess said...

I truly love it!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Glad you like it Mark!:-P It is definitely very 'cooling' to wear in Singapore's hot weather.

UKbagboy said...

Im actually loving the brown trousers with the orange "flash". Ive been eyeing those up in Paragon for some time but have just invested in some Boss trousers similarly brown, similarly skinny...and similarly expensive. Can I have both?!?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

yes, of course...all in takes is your 'magic' visa cards! One swipe and it's yours:-P