Monday, 6 April 2009

The Runway Sniper #26

Marc By Marc Jacobs Menswear Fall Winter 2009/2010

Marc Jacobs seems to like boyish inspirations for his less pricey Marc By Marc Jacobs line. There is a sense of college boy charm, whose style could be whatever pieces he can find in his wardrobe and then miraculously put together to look fresh and relevant. Sometimes quaint, sometimes odd...'flea market' vintage looking pieces mixed with something brand new. It is this free-spirited (but deliberate:-P) style that makes Marc By Marc Jacob's collections charming for the style savvy 'nerdy bookworm' types.

For Fall Winter 2009/2010 season, we see a series of expertly layered looks that gives off a vibrant and studious appeal, with references that seem to come out from old Harvard days. Scarves, jackets, vests and sweaters all looked vintage inspired. Materials such as tweeds, wools, flannel, paisley and herringbone are used for a interesting 'mix and match' textural appeal. I personally will want those gorgeous colourful stripey wool sweaters to spice up the dull winter weather:-P Definitely a must-buy for the upcoming fall season. You cannot help but love colours in this magnitude:-) Just makes me smile:-P



Anonymous said...

yeah, i could see you in that 100% wool stripy sweater eating bak kut teh at a food court.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Not in Singapore's weather unless you wanna die of heat stroke.:-P Perhaps you are 'brave' enough to try it yourself:-) Good luck!:-P

P76 said...

i am afraid of wearing grey color tee. once i sweat, my perspiration will add new motifs to it. look horrendous. hahaha

yeah. not in sg weather to wear too many layers. and i sweat a lot.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I agree, in our weather, we cannot do layering. It's too warm and uncomfortable. Hence accessorising is the way to have a bit of fun.:-P