Sunday, 24 May 2009

Blazer Hunting Sunday...

Below: Zara Dressing Room posing...:-P Me wearing Zara Grey Silver Blazer, D&G Rolled Up White Shorts, 'Paradise Wanted' Grey Tee, HE By Mango Taupe Croc Embossed Leather Belt, YSL Braided Leather Bracelet and Marni Coloured Stripe Canvas Shoes.

Sale Shopping + Blazer Hunting Sunday!

Yesterday while out with my friends for our usual get together, we went to check out Club 21 Collectibles sale at Forum The Shopping Mall. I spotted a blazer from Paul and Joe going at 70% discount but was unsure if I really like it. So I passed and went about my Saturday, empty handed from any sale shopping conquests.

Despite me getting out empty handed from the Club 21 Collectibles sale, my mind lingered and pondered over the Paul and Joe Blazer I tried on. So what does that mean? I have to head back for 2nd tries! That is exactly what I did this afternoon. I tried n the blazer, fits like a glove. But I was not going to be impulsive, so I left the shop to see what other options is available for me. Zara is my place of choice. Love shopping at Zara. And they do not disappoint, I found a new Zara Grey/Silver Blazer retailing at SGD $299. On first glance it looked like grey, but once light hits the fabric, it sheens like silver. The effect was fabulous! The collar also had a contrasting darker grey fabric trim as does the top of the pockets. I tried the blazer on in the dressing room. I adore it. But my mind keep going back to the Paul and Joe one.

Hence, the decision was made. I got back to Club 21 Collectibles store and picked up the great bargain at 70% off (Reveals soon after I get it tailored slightly). At almost the same price as the Zara blazer:-P, I just have to buy it. Perhaps, I may get the Zara blazer too...since I like how it looks in my pics:-) Perfect for glamourous parties because of the metallic looking fabric. Decisions, decisions, decisions. What say you guys?

Another weekend over...time really flies when you are not working! Enjoy the rest of the Sunday:-)

Lastly, check out my bag sale blog. Just put up my LV bag for sale:-P


richard said...

The Zara Blazer is just gorgeous. The colour is truly unique. When in doubt between 2 items, get them both!

Ken said...

Hey Kevin,

Can I ask you where can I get the Balenciaga Day Messenger for Men in Black or Blue in Singapore? I am visiting Singapore in July! Tks Heap!

Anonymous said...

I did check our some blazers ystd but only interested in the Dior and Mcqueen but damn they were all like size 50 only.

But i got to say u made the right choice for the same price i will definitely go for Paul & Joe than Zara :)


Chris_Koh said...

I wonder if there's another version available, especially one with a more tapered fit towards the waistline..and it'll be the perfect look imho

Anonymous said...

Ken, you can try

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Love the jacket

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Ken,

you can check out Club 21 mens at four seasons hotel:-) They do stock Balenciaga Day messengers.

:-) or the women's B store at Hilton hotel. I think the days are unisex.