Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Material Boy #277

Below: Kris Van Assche's Spring Summer 2009 Rose Brooch...alternative to LV's?

Kris Van Assche Fall Winter 2009/2010 Mens Accessories

I always find Kris Van Assche not a good match to Dior Homme. Perhaps his predecessor, Hedi Slimane wowed the world with his slim and rock star look and left such a great impression that it is hard to not to compare. For Kris Van Assche's own label, he is more free to express his ideas with being under the shadows of anyone. I always like his take on asymmetrical shapes, unusual designs of footwear. For next fall winter 2009/2010, I am a fan of his 'wrap around' design for the footwear. It is different and yet unique. And the asymmetrical buckles for his belt is a signature and recurring style now. Love the braided version. Even the silver bracelet with just a twisted design creates a subtle yet appealing appeal. Kris Van Assche is a master of subtle surprises. Never too overbearing, just enough for those who appreciates details to admire.

On the side, Kris Van Assche does some flower brooches for men. Perhaps an alternative for Louis Vuitton's more opulent version?

Source: Kris Van Assche


deluxeduck said...

go get the roses! particularly the gold one. im also loving the Möbius strip bangle too.

btw, my word verification is "duckgvu". hmmm.... is the cosmos trying to tell me something?

Anonymous said...

The first 2 shoes are amazing !! Wonder if it will available in Singapore ?!!

Kevin and myMANybags said...'s a calling of sorts. U know what to do!

and Anoy, check with club 21 next season:-) They should have some styles.


Benjamin said...

I really like the blue belt with the asymmetrical buckles and the flower brooches!

He have made better shoes...

-h said...

his strength is in his own line. but i think his dior homme collections are getting better-ish.