Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Material Boy #288

Below: The tote folds to work like a clutch:-)

Marni White Leather Tote

Have not blogged about Marni for ages! Seems the lack-lustre collection from Marni's menswear attributes to diminished interest in the brand hereon my blog. But seems something caught my eye again after discovering this fantastic Japanese site. This amazing Marni White Leather Tote is perfect for a no frills bag that fits all occasions. Easy style, nonchalant in design, it will take you from casual to formal, imbued with a creative types personality (who usually love the Marni aesthetics). This simple tote even doubles as a man clutch when folded over. Another way to carry the bag. Kishida Days website even has a video to demonstrate how to work the style:-) So cool.

(BTW, the model Lucas was here in Singapore for some modelling work a couple of years back. He may look plain and normal in person, but he transforms in a real model on the runway! I love his look! I was sitting just a couple of tables next to him at Paragon during one of his assignments there. So young and cute:-)

Source: Kishida Days

Retail price: ¥120,750 (UK 455 pounds). Where to buy:


UKbagboy said...

Kevin! I'm a fan, everytime I go to HKG I can't resist a quick trip to Lane Crawford to have a touch of the Marni bags. But this one doesn't seem to be available in the online store...?

Maybe a trip to HKG next week to scope out Lane Crawford and see if they're stocking this one yet...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Good luck in your quest for the bag. Update here if you buy it:-)

UKbagboy said...

None in HKG. Trawled the stores this afternoon after meetings. No white leather Marni totes on this island either!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Such a pity...this is one of the better looking bags from Marni this season. Maybe UK?

UKbagboy said...

Well, Im back to the UK for a trip in July so I'll be able to check there.

Oh dear.

Did invest in a new Dunhill though!