Friday, 29 May 2009

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #23


Just got back from checking out the latest sale happenings around Orchard:-)

Here's a rundown of what brands have gone on sale:

1) Loewe - Up to 50% for selected items. Small selection but you can find gems:-P Which I did tonight!:-P

2) Bally - 30% off. Some great shoes and bags. And this weekend, Takashimaya is offering an extra 10% discount for Takashimaya Credit Cardmembers! Best time to shop!

3) Kate Spade is packed tonight at Takashimaya. I am not sure about the discounts...but worth checking out!

4) Same for Bruno Magli and Coach (Coach has a long queue outside Takashimaya's outlet)


Zac said...

I got a full leather Coach tote for 70% off the retail price at DFS :) So happy! The discounts at DFS are 30%, 50% and 70% for selected items.

Anonymous said...

hey, i was just wondering, what kind of items are on sale at loewe worth getting? SLGs?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anoy,

there are small leather goods on sale.:-)

Some men's wallets and card case...made from really soft leather. :-)

And the textured leather series in a nice deep green too! (50%)

Do check it out before someone gets to it!:-P hehe

Louis Vuitton LoVer said...

Hmmm...Bruno Magli. I am falling in LVoe with this brand all over again. I wish we had a store here where I live.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin
Just wondering for Loewe and Bally, lets say the prices after discount VS normal pricing in France, Italy (although Loewe should be cheapest in Spain i suppose).... is Singapore price cheaper during sales time or its just about the same as normal price tag over at France