Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #05

I'd Kill For These Givenchy Heels:-P!

Check out this pair of killer heels by Givenchy! It's shiny, it's kick-ass, it's simply stunning!

Love how the model work it in the photos:-) Too bad I am not a gal.

But ladies, this is the shoe to go gaga over!

Source: www.givenchy.com, Coute Que Coute


LuxuryObsessed.com said...

Totally hot

sputnik sweetheart said...

those are the givenchy's i'm lusting after right now!

too bad i can't bear to spend THAT much on a pair of heels

marc said...

ahhhh those are so hot. not to fret though the men's givenchy shoes for fall are fierce a well.