Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Shopping Conquest #68

Below: This HE by MANGO croc embossed leather belt does bears a close similarity to the Bottega Veneta real croc skin version (2nd belt in pic). Even the shape of the buckle looks identical...(Thanks to luxuryobsessed who pointed this out:-)

HE By Mango 'Exotic Skins' Textured Leather Belt

Cheap thrills of the week! I spotted these 'exotic' skins belt at HE by MANGO counter in Isetan Scotts on Friday. I really love the taupe coloured croc embossed leather belt! Not only is the textured convincing, but the colour and design is classic and no one can really spot whether these are real or mock. Will be a nice way to get some cheap chic. But my size was sold out and I left empty handed.

On Saturday, I am still brooding over the belt and I came up with a solution. I will consult the wonder SAs (Wonderful Mardi to the rescue) in Club 21 and ask them about their 'secret' in being able to shorten belts. Have done it before many times and I was really happy about the outcome. Armed with a solution, I headed to the HE by MANGO counter again. The belt available was in size 95, but i wear a size 85. Bought that and also another snakeskin textured version in black, went to the cobbler shop SHUKEY at Far East Plaza (Unit #03-05), and happily got my belt shortened to my length. They did it at where the buckle is. They cut off the excess length, fold the leather over the buckle and stitched it back again. So it is definitely looking like the original and it is 'tailored fit' for you!

These belts are amazingly priced.

So happy with my cheap thrill of the week and I see myself using these for a long time to come!

Source: Model pics from MANGO

Retail price:

Croc Embossed Leather Belt - SGD $35 (SGD $5 for shortening)
3) Snakeskin Textured Leather Belt -
SGD $45

Where to buy: HE By Mango Counter at
Isetan Scotts

3 comments: said...

Hot! The taupe/grey moc croc looks amazingly like a Bottega Veneta one from this season. Congrats!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Haha...that's cool to know! The croc texture seem convincing enough to pass off the real thing. The colour helps a lot. The turquiose and red version is much more 'fake' looking.

Thanks! Hope you are enjoying Paris, Luxuryobsessed!

samson said...

I have been following your blog quietly till i read this article. Thanks for sharing the cobbler at far east. I really need to alter my belt length.
I also have a problem: Can u recommend me a seamstress that u frequent to alter your clothes? i am not really happy with my current one because her workmanship on my gucci shirt was a disaster. Really have quite a number of shirts to alter.