Sunday, 31 May 2009

My Shopping Conquest #71

Below: My first Salvatore Ferragamo purchase!

Below: Nice red box, although material could be more lavish...I am just being 'picky':-P

Below: Peek-a-boo:-)

Below: I like how they have a small pouch to protect the buckle

Below: An elegant white suede belt with an intricate and interesting signature "Gancino" buckle

Below: All the detailing...

Salvatore Ferragamo White Suede Belt With Antiqued Silver Knurled "Gancino" Buckle

Wow...quite a mouthful to describe my new purchase, what can you expect when the brand name is also as lengthy:-) My first foray into Salvatore Ferragamo. I have always feel this brand has a more business and mature style which I am not suitable for. But lately, the brand seems to be getting younger with their designs and it's a good balance of classic and contemporary. So after the frantic crowd when their sales in Singapore commences last weekend, I finally decided to drop by the store to see what is left. Surprisingly, there is a quite a huge selection left for mens. I spotted a few items that I would love to buy...but do not need. So I passed sadly...

Worthy of mention nonetheless are a pair of tri-coloured boat shoes in blue, a croc skin loafers in camel (Over SGD $2000...but so divine to behold), and of course some nice belts in their signature "Gancino" buckle. I had a choice between 2 white belts which I love, because of the knurled texture on the antique silver buckle. It gives a intricate ornate touch that shows delicate craftsmanship. There is a broader textured leather version (SGD $360 after a 35% discount) and a slim suede version (now SGD $240 from SGD $370). I tried on both and found the broader version too overpowering, although I love the leather. In the end, I chose this White Suede Belt With Antiqued Silver Knurled "Gancino" Buckle as it looks more elegant, perfect for pairing with shots and getting ready to hitch a boat ride to St Tropez:-P

I love St Tropez, my dream destination....soon...I shall set foot on thy shores.

Source: Buckled belt pic from Salvatore Ferragamo

Retail price: SGD $370. Where to buy: Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique at Paragon Shopping Mall

2 comments: said...

Very nice. I never even think to go into Ferragamo. I better make a visit.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

oh they have some nice stuffs:-) Do check it out. I used to think they are more mature...but their style have evolved. SOme accessories are nice.