Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Material Boy #293

Below: Monogram Revelations Keepall - US$4040

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Keepall - US$5100

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Neo Trocadero- US$2780

Below: Monogram Cabas Escapade- US$710

Below: Monogram Macassar Collection, Keepall 45- US$1320, Keepall 55 - US$1370

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Davis Tote - US$1410

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Neo Greenwich - US$2780

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Steamer Bag- US$4040

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Bass PM (Messenger) - US$845

Below: Monogram Hexagone Collection, Bass MM (Messenger) - US$1050

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter Men's Runway Bags

Although I have yet to be won over by the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009/2010 bag collection, I dare say many guys are keenly awaiting these highly sought-after pieces. I will hold my comments until I see them in real. But meanwhile...start drooling, LV fanboys...

I forsee the Monogram Macassar Collection to be a hit, since the price points are the most affordable amongst the new releases. This collection also has the widest range of bags than men will love. The Cabas Escapde Tote will also be snapped up within moments. I know Mr Duck is already eyeing that. The Hexagone collection is way too pricey for canvas bags. I guess the intricate and precise handwork to patch up the hexagons takes great time and skill, and hence the high prices.

If Louis Vuitton bags keep up with these pricing levels, soon they will be on par with Hermès. Yikes!

Source: TPF


deluxeduck said...

yes on the Macassar Davis tote. still unsure about the Escapade, its not the one i liked originally. but i can see it growing on me.

so not a good time to be broke :-(

freshmess said...

Thanks for the price update, Kev! I want to see the Davis Tote in person. The prices of the Revelation and Hexagone pieces are way over the top! Ulk.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Indeed the prices are high! The hexagone bags are so pricey. It's scary.

Carlos Sousa said...

I already have my name on the two first keepall , now i just have to wait .... till september :(


Allan said...

great. I don't want anything from this collection. good for the bank account.

however, one yellow bag from the Prada Trolley collection is haunting me. must resist.

Daniel said...

Is the interior of the onogram Macassar Collection, Keepall 45 black or just the same like now?

SE@N said...

Hexagone is great but who will spend 5 grands for this?

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

i totally agree with u. At this level of price we are deep in the luxury. From this collection i like the first Keepall with the embossed monogram, the one who cost 4040 usd, gloups!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I seriously think the hexagone collection is too overpriced. it's just goodness!