Monday, 29 June 2009

My MANy Wants Next Season #02

Below: 'MyMANyBags' wants list for Fall Winter 2009...:-P

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My MANy Wants Next Season - Fall Winter 2009 Edition

With the new Fall Winter 2009 season fast approaching, it is time of the year again to 'strategise' my purchases based on the looks I am trying to achieve this coming fall.

And here's my pick:-)

1) Gucci's glam rock chic stands at the forefront of my most desired look. The skinny tight shimmery pants and light-weight knit sweater are screaming bling bling and rockstar appeal. I love sparkly things. And I love a lean and mean silhouette. So this fits what I am going for next season. I wonder how much those killer looking 'tight' gunmetal silver pants costs. I love it. Wear with a biker jacket, or a glittery blazer to get some red carpet glamour or impress at hot dates and a hot night out. Who knows what it might lead to:-P?!?!? (BTW, unintentionally, my hairstylist gave me a haircut similar to what the Gucci model is wearing..fates has it that I will spot this look next season...:-P)

2) Burberry Prorsum does a good job of wearable pieces for next season. I love this 'portrait print t-shirt' which evokes a nostalgic feel. Somewhat vintage looking, it is ideal to wear under slim cut velvet blazers or even with that must-have knitted snood everyone is clamouring about.

3) Footwear wise, the standout piece of Fall Winter 2009 has to be Lanvin's tall boots. Wear your skinny pants under it and get some military cool while keeping warm. It's a powerful and masculine look.

4) As for bags I am still unsure, since I have so many that I am now very careful about the selections. But after surfing the web for some time...this one finally caught my eye. It will be great to match up my desired glam rock let us meet Givenchy's Croc Printed Leather Bag, similar in design to Hermès' HAC. So until I can afford the real deal...this is a good alternative.

5) The accessories for the season has to be Hermès Rivale Double Tour Leather Bracelet in Black and gold. Decadent and luxurious with some spunk! It will be true glam rock style for Fall Winter ensembles!

What will you guys 'lust' for next season?:-) Share them here...or email me:-)

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Source: Frilr, Gucci, Burberry, Lanvin, Givenchy


LorenzoHK said...

I am gunning for the Lanvin boots.

Anonymous said...

Is the Givenchy bag part of the SS 2010 collection? It looks great! Do you have any additional info?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

the bag is from the women's range for fall winter 2009. Go to their website to check it out. It's in the pre-collection.

It's nice eh?:-P

Kinda aged look.

And Lorenzo, those boots are super cool:-)

Anonymous said...

How did you make the layout of the picture look so nice? Did you use a program? Thanks :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I use photoshop:-P glad you like it.