Monday, 15 June 2009

My Readers And Their Shopping Conquests #04

Jeron's First Miu Miu...A Beautiful Ruched Leather Bag...Congrats!

A reader of mine sent me this pic to share her joy of her first miu miu bag. She is indeed looking fabulous with her latest arm candy:-P...congratulations to you, Jeron! I love the bag, the ruching detailing makes for an interesting texture, it's sophisticated without looking messy. The leather for miu miu bags are always a joy to drool over. I also love the brass buckle clasp closure. A bit of hardware always makes for a more glamourous touch! I forsee this bag taking you from day to night. Enjoy:-) Thanks for sharing the joys of shopping.

As for everyone send me your 'shopping conquest' pics to share your shopping or 'sale season' loots!

(Remember to titled it as 'My Shopping Conquest' and I will know I have your permission to do a post on it!:-P)


Barney said...

hey kevin! I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I just came back from shopping in town. you should say something about this: there's this local brand 'charles & keith' that has been copying shoes, sneakers, bags from brands like bottega,mulberry, prada, tods, kate spade, bally,DG,D&G etc. i was absolutely shocked! those copies were exactly the same as the branded ones minus the brand on the item! i think we, fashion lovers should do something about this so as to prevent more replicas/imitations from destroying the credibility of our favourite brands! I bet you wouldn't want them producing a balenciaga lookalike clutch that's exactly the same as yours! i fear for us fashionistas well-being, particularly the next time we buy something branded: will this design be copied by some cheap local brand? it'll be terrible to see people toting replicas that are exactly the same as yours except that you paid way more. I urge you to do something!

Jeron said...

I strongly agreed with what Barney has commented. I really hate & dislike them for simply copying the designs out of it....!! Can't they have their own creativity?

Bags which r well-designed will look equally fabulous even though it's not from high-end labels.

This local brand 'charles & keith' should jolly well design much more nicer bags instead of going tehe simpler way of making inspired bags. They ain't making this local brand proud at all. I saw too many inspired bags there like Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, LV, Miu Miu...etc until i no longer wanna step in their shops. :'(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think at the end of the day, the consumers who knows their stuff will make a decision for themselves:-) and they are in a way bringing fashion to perhaps there is merit in that:-)

Jeron said... a way of saying: "When there's demand, there's supply".