Friday, 10 July 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #35

Jil Sander Fall Winter 2009 Men's Accessories

The few key words that blurt out of my mouth when I first saw the Jil Sander Fall Winter 2009 Men's Accessories were thick soles, chunky, bulky...and somewhat bland. Perhaps I am not the best target audience for these 'architectural/minimal' designs that the house of Jil Sander has come to represent. But I am sure, Jil Sander will still find its support in those who want to whisper luxury instead of shouting about it.

In my view, the thick chunky soles of the shoes seem heavy and I wonder how comfortable they are when worn. Maybe during winter temperatures, they serve well in insulating the cold. Hence, there may be some merit to the functionality of thick soles although I am not a fan. As for the bags, they are very simple and plain, with a strong touch of modernity. The materials used range from polished/grained leather to the wool fabric that was featured prominently on the ready to wear collection.

My conclusion, I will admire and appreciate the quiet allure of these pieces from afar. Let the loyal Jil Sander fans 'silently' indulge in these subtle pieces of luxury.

Source: Jil Sander


song said...

Oh I love all the small leather items! I want to bag them all!!!

Allan said...

2nd bag, I like.