Monday, 27 July 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #38

Below: Sporty influences abound in Kris Van Assche's Spring Summer 2010
mens footwear...check out these cool 'sneaker sandals'!

Below: Clever arrangement of shoe laces creates an interesting design for these sneakers...

Below: The simple lace-ups given new life thru coloured soles which
can be seen even from the sides

Below: Or chunky crepe soles moulded in an angular way has a cool design effect...

Below: Slouchy bags with no visible hardware...simplicity can sometimes be beautiful:-)

Kris Van Assche Spring Summer 2010 Men's Accessories

Continuing his clean and minimal lines for his namesake label, Kris Van Assche stays thru to his design vision and offered a genuinely appealing accessories collection with lots of sports influence. For spring summer 2010, we see the on-trend 'sneaker sandals' in different variations, black, white, and some accented with splashes of bright yellow and electric blue. Definitely something to look forward to, giving the conventional men's footwear a few more interesting options. I do adore these quirky hybrid footwear, although they are not entirely fresh concept (bearing resemblance to my Pierre Hardy sandals). Despite that, the highcut version still look cool and will be perfect for active boys who wants well ventilated feet:-)

The more formal lace-ups are given a contemporary touch with coloured soles of yellow and blues. Something that is subtle and yet injects a new life to an otherwise normal design.

For the bags, we see styles of a slouchy shape, often without any visible hardware. I like the simple no frills design in leather or canvas which is a fresh breath from all the overly embellished versions in the market now.

Will definitely look forward to checking these out next year:-) Somehow, Kris Van Assche's namesake line reflects better of his design vision than what he did for Dior Homme.

Source: Kris Van Assche

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