Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Material Boy #305

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Soft Gloss Leather Double Messenger Bag - £295.
This soft gloss leather double messenger bag is both stylish and practical for daily use. Check out the double flap...2 sides and a middle compartment to keep your belongings! Very interesting:-) In a way, it reminds me of flight bags used by pilots:-)

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Soft Gloss Leather Gym Bag - £390.

Great for the gym or weekends! The leather is fabulous looking!

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Multi Stripe Cormac Jumper - £210.

A splash of colour is always welcome in dull winter weather. Makes you feel happy!

Below: As modelled on the runway...love it!

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Navy Black Watch Check Cropped Blazer - £385.
If Cole Mohr approves of this, then so should you!:-) It's classic and the shorter length makes it contemporary and modern:-)

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Pink Belleville Lurex Check Shirt - £150.
And to go hand in hand with the blazer, this pink/red check shirt is a match made in heaven.
Wear with bow tie for a dandy style that is so relevant now.

Below: Cole Mohr looking 'classic cool' with the 2 pieces, those high tops does add some edge to the look:-)...college boy chic:-)

www.my-wardrobe.com Fall's First Picks!

Yet again, my 'research' online for new season shopping gems has landed me yet again with wonderful finds. This time it is from another online retailer in UK, www.my-wardrobe.com.

It seems this season, their buyer has done an amazing job curating some drool worthy pieces from Marc By Marc Jacobs. So without anymore delays, here's my top selection from their range:-)

Love the 2 Soft Gloss Leather Bags...one in gym bag style and one in a hand held/shoulder strap messenger design. But both look masculine and utilitarian chic in all ways. Besides fabulous bags, there is also a colourful Multi Stripe Cormac Jumper which I love love love. You can see how it brightens your winter wardrobe as modeled on the runway pic. Last but not least, anything worn by Mr Cole Mohr simply turns to 'gold':-) The smart Navy Black Watch Check Cropped Jacket and Pink Belleville Lurex Check Shirt are also beckoning out to me (Maybe I am a Cole Mohr fan:-p). Doesn't it look great with the bow tie. Talk about inspirations for some college chic!

Check out www.my-wardrobe.com for more selections. Always nice to find options online to beat the inflated fashion brand prices here in Singapore:-)

(Prices listed here are before UK VAT exclusion for international orders)

Source: www.my-wardrobe.com


Anonymous said...

The leather gym bag holdall looks AMAZING! I love the fine detail that goes into it, such as the adjustable strap for the handle and the detachable shoulder sling. The leather has a nice sheen to it as well. very chic.


freshmess said...

Oooh I love the double messenger bag. And the jumper. Thanks finding these!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I like them too!:-P Perfect for the coming fall season.


Allan said...

I like the colorful sweater.

dave said...

is the blazer with the multi color striped sweather the black watch check blazer?? i'm dying for the blazer in paired with that sweater! :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Dave, I think the blazer is a different one with the colour stripe jumper...but the checks version will match perfectly as well. The sweater has so many colours..it can take on quite a range of matching hues!:-P

and Allan, that is one happy sweater to own!



dave said...

ahh i want that blazer sooo badly (the first one) and the shoes
but thanks for your help!
love your siteee

Peter said...

Hi, Kevin. I saw the Double Messenger Bag and thought it was stunning, specially the one in Moss. It's the kind of bag I need for work - casual yet substantial. My question is ... is the quality of Marc By Marc Jacobs leather bags good? I own a few leather pieces from Prada, Mulberry, LV & Berluti and have so far been happy with their workmanship. Never bought anything from Marc Jacobs as of yet. Thanks.