Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Material Boy #307

Below: I love these cropped, slim fitted blazers with that 'severe' diagonal cut!
Look at the details...the tailoring is immaculate:-P
(Price: ¥ 56,700)

Below: The back is short so you can layer it with the shirt with
the diagonal 'tail' from the same collection

Below: Comes in different shades of greys and blacks...subtle and yet beautiful...
love how the layering with the other diagonal cut pieces

Below: As seen on the runway...the styling is amazing, minimal and yet an interesting
visual texture with the layering of the diagonal tails of shirt, blazer and vest

Below: Another drool worthy piece...the vest in a similar design, I want!
(Price: ¥ 26,250)

Below: Looks great just by itself layered against a long plaid shirt...

Below: These long shirts are instrumental to create the diagonal layered look...
(Price: ¥ 18,900)

Below: Attention to detail is paramount for men's shirts...look at the way the cuff is constructed.
Subtle and yet different...

Below: Let out the shirt tail for an interesting layered silhouette...

Below: I also adore this draping unique...the concept is simple and different:-)
(Price: ¥ 9,450)

Below: Last but not least, this tambourine pendant necklace is equally tempting to buy...
(Price: ¥ 29,400)

Lad Musician Fall Winter 2009 Blazers, Vests and Shirts

Here's another of my want from Lad Musician...I cannot help but be excited by the collection. The severe diagonal cut of the blazer, vest and shirt is a simple concept...but executed immaculately and in a fresh way. The layering of the different lengths of the pieces in varying degrees of black (most appropriate as the collection was themed 'Black Painting' and features 5 variants of the colour) creates a very conceptual and elegant look. I love the subtlety of the concept and yet it stands out from the conventional cuts of these pieces.

Now where can I get Lad Musician?!??!?....I need those slim fitted blazers bad! They are all sold out online at Lad Musician's online shop...says a lot of the popularity of the pieces. Even that tambourine pendant necklace is a must have!

What do you guys think?

Update: Tang+Co stocks limited selections of Lad Musician. Going at 20% discount for the spring summer 2009 stocks!

Source: Lad Musician


Anonymous said...

i like the swallow tail shawl collar blazer! But seems like the online store dun do overseas shipping? damn. the collection at tangs is really limited... :(

I want to know where or how i can get those blazers.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you want to get a Japanese proxy to help you? Go check out superfuture forum (look for hide san etc).

ego said...

great collections! love it :)