Sunday, 5 July 2009

My Bag Collection #50 (FOR SALE)

Below: Dunno why I put that HE by MANGO straw Fedora hat (more than 50% off!) there...but for styling purposes?!?! Make it more summer?

Below: The mandatory 'Peek-a-boo' shot!

Below: Introducing my new 'lady' of the family...Maggie Oversized Clutch!

Below: Soft and slouch polised creased leather contrasted with cracked patent leather...comes with gunmetal coloured hardware for a cool look

Below: Very roomy and holds a lot! There is an internal zip pocket and a front pocket to help you get organised. For the ladies, this clutch can be converted to a shoulder bag with a removable shoulder strap in cracked patent leather. So it's like 2 bags for the price of one!

Below: Lovely gunmetal coloured metal buckle with Mulberry tree symbol engraved on it...

Below: Cracked patent leather adds a good contrast and spice up the otherwise all black leather...

Below: Dries van Noten approves of those man clutches:-P

Below: Masculine Dolce & Gabbana man is not afraid to flaunt their 'man clutches' too...

Mulberry Oversized Maggie Clutch (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

Finally, after an eventful Friday evening and Sat...I am have the time to take some pics of my Mulberry online pre-sale purchase:-P

So without further ado...presenting my very good bargain...Mulberry Oversized Maggie Clutch! Clutches are my new found interest and since there's even affirmation that they are coming back in men's collection (Dries Van Noten/Gucci Fall Winter Mens Collection and of course Dolce & Gabbana's abundant flaunting of man clutches for Spring Summer 2010), I am loving them more.

I was originally contemplating choosing the oversized Ava Clutch in Snakeskin but after much thought, I decided it was too flat and will not hold as much as I would like to carry. And the format kinda resembles my Balenciaga Envelope Clutch and hence I passed. Bayswater Oversized Clutch came to mind as my next alternative, but the giant Mulberry turnlock buckle was too distinctive and I decided to pass as well. (It was sold out anyway). I kept browsing online till this oversized Maggie clutch caught my eye. Understated, simple and neutral which will work very well on a guy. And being in black, it's the perfect colour to pass off as a man's bag. The subtle contrast of the cracked leather and the polished creased leather is interesting without overbearing. I also like the gunmetal buckle in the front, which is much smaller and less loud than Bayswater's. There is even allowance to buckle at different levels to accommodate the bag contents. The clutch when held on hand looks slouchy which is very chic.

I would use this for nice dinners, parties or attending events:-) would look great with a black blazer, skinny Balmain biker jeans...exciting! Modelling pics below:-P

Below: Me and the clutch...channeling some Balmain with the padded shoulder and the jacket chain. The size of the clutch is huge and good for guys (almost like a laptop bag), if you are keen on 'clutch' looks too.
(I am wearing: Skinny Fit Coated Linen Blazer from Topman, Dolce & Gabbana 'Hollywood Cowboy' T-shirt, HE by Mango Faux Python Skin Belt, Zara Super Skinny Jeans, Boss Orange Pistol Jacket Pin and Vintage Coat Chain/Pin)

Retail price: UK 395 pounds. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev (if i may :c)

I've got to say that you have an IMPACABLE taste in fashion and I strongly believe that you are a true Artist, a fashion GURU and so on...
I unexpectedly landed on your blog while I was searching for pics of the amazing Gucci XL Pelahm. I almost died when I saw yours, which is absolutely DIVINE. I feel like your blog is my new best friend cause I ve been visiting it since the beginning of the weekend and I can't get enough of it lol.
I truely admire your sharpe fashion sense.
By the way I m Abdoul, writing from Senegal, Africa. I happen to be a fashion addict too and J adore bags, shoes and accesories.
My new obsession are men' clutches as well, what a coincidence, isn't it? I just love yours, which very CHIC...
I also try to build a lil' collection of hot items that I purchased over the years.
It s great to see that there are people who share the same addiction :c)
Anyway kevin, keep on the good work and if I may ask, do you work in the fashion industry? cause if yes, may God take to the Very High End of the TOP :c)


Abdul aka "Uncensored Fashionisto"

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

Wow, what a coincidence? Two readers, two comments and all from Senegal. U must play at loto today Kevin. lol.
Anyway, i like ur clutch, but it seems like it's a little too big (yes it's an Oversized clucth, i know). Love ur outfit, u always know how to mix clothes and accesories.
Have a nice sunday.

Anonymous said...

Wow...when was the dolce"s bought.Those are freaking loud hollywood t-shirts.Which season?

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect it to be huge. Looking mighty, yeah!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Haha, Mark and EAC, the clutch is all stuffed that is why it looks very big. I tried it with no stuffing, it slouches nicely:-P

And anony...that Dolce Tee was from many seasons back. It's loud and a bit 'tacky' but oh so fun for an 80's redux look. hahaha. And I was going for the glamourous wild west look. Even my pins are very 'migrant' american pieces. said...

You are going clutch mad! Enjoy your latest purchase. You are looking very edgy chic. Congrats!

cactus said...

You're like a silkworm: too dependent on mulberry for your survival. lol

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I live on inspirations Cactus:-) Anything that inspires is good for my survival:-P

ANd sean, yes, I am clutch mad:-P thanks for your compliments.:-P Hope you are enjoying a great time with your vacation!


Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

looks good, congrats! have you worn it with the shoulder sling? the dapper suits are seriously cool. just saw the Pierre Hardy grey glad sandals on the side - be still, my heart. i'm so into grey and taupey bags and shoes now.

Justin said...

Kevin..I just saw the excat same bag in Siam Paragon, Bangkok for only 18000 bht. That is yet deducted 5% tourist discount and 7% VAT refund...

Thinking of getting the other color for myself.. Should or should not.. Hm...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Justin,

are you referring to the white? The silver cracked leather contrasted with white will be more loud than this. If you are game for it, then go ahead!

It is a nice bag, big enough to hold much and yet not too petite for guys.:-)

BTW, still stocks this. compare the price with import tax and shipping and see if you will get a better deal:-)



Justin said...


I will. Cos I'm gonna be in Bangkok for 2 months. Working purpose. I'll have time to consider it.