Friday, 3 July 2009

My MANy Bags Lookbook #06

'Winter Knight' In The City

For this edition of myMANYbags lookbook, the look I am going for is strong and bold...befitting a modern knight in his armor of chic fitted DSquared2 jacket, Lanvin tall boots and amazingly chic Ann Demeulemeester woven fringe scarf. Looking sharp and ever ready to brave the cold winter nights in the city...military inspirations from yesteryears, his medal of 'chivalry' in the form of Ann Demeulemeester's ribbon pin:-)

I can't wait for winter to do layering, and of course the holidays that's going to follow:-) Perhaps London? Perhaps Switzerland? I am excited.

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Source: Luisaviaroma, Antonioli, Lanvin


Anonymous said...

Those boots are sick! :)
Are you going to Europe again? Do tell! Woot woot!

oskarsobsession said...

amazing look,

so what do yo feel about the Givenchy nightingale?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Mark, those boots are divine! I love them:-P

I am planning to come to Europe...hopefully it will come into fruition:-P

And oskar, the nightingale is one of the bags that is on my radar. I love the shape. But one thing though, the big one is too heavy. The medium one is kinda still must work the look well to be able to pull it off:-)


Sir Twilight King at said...

I really fancy that Givenchy "Pandora" bag. I think it would look great with skinny jeans.

Allan said...


If you're coming to Oslo in autumn/winter let me know. I'm going there, too, around the last week of November to early December. Let's meet up with Mark.

xoxo said...

Chic Dark Knight. I love your lookbooks!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi there Sir Twilight, yes, the Pandora bag is a very interesting and unique bag.

And Allan, I am not going to Oslo...most probably London if I do travel and switzerland
s Zurich...not sure yet. It's a tentative plan.

And Sean, glad to hear you like my lookbooks:-P Hehe.

I wish I can wear the things I list out but SG is so hot, it is hard to do layering with sweating all over.

And happy stay in provincetown! I love that Inn you guys are staying. so charming!

Shoe-holic said...

Wow... Killer DSquared2 jacket. Can't wait for Dean and Dan to make their debut in Singapore.