Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My MANy Bags News #103

Below: Love the new Diamante pattern on the tote bag (approx. ¥107,100) and the
striking red colour!

Below: Comes in a duffel bag style (approx. ¥170,100) as well...

Gucci Diamante Pattern Canvas Bags

Great news! Am I seeing what I am seeing? Gucci has launched a 'new' monogram pattern for their bags this season? With the help of translation software online, I managed to get an idea of what this pattern is all about from the source:-)

This Diamante pattern (small diamond shapes forming a diamond pattern) is actually one of the first patterns created by the house of Gucci to launched the Gucci name to the world (I cannot decipher if this pattern was used after 1897, maybe someone who reads Japanese can enlighten me:-P) Less loud and obnoxious than the GG monogram pattern, this Diamante design is more classic and subtle.

I like this pattern. When matched with red leather, the bags are looking pretty cool in my books. A bit retro flavour that brings back memories of those glory days when celebrities like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy wore Gucci. A tote and duffel bag is designed for the range and they belong to the pre-collection of Fall Winter 2009 season.

Anyone who can read Japanese, do help to translate and post information here:-)

(BTW, the 2 bags are already on sale on the Gucci website:-P. Tote and duffel bag are priced at UK 515 and 795 pounds respectively.)

Openers Japan


freshmess said...

Funny how I was looking into these bags with this revived pattern last night. It looks so old school! But I still personally prefer the interlocking Gs over this. That's just me.

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Me too Mark! Me too! I was looking at it this morning and decided it just ain't 'Gucci' enough in my books. Damm if you do, and damm if you don't!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

As someone who does not like monograms that much, I think I like this pattern..cos' it's not so many logos all over:-P

Where did you guys look at for info about this range? I want to find out more.


carpe diem said...

Wow the article is long, lemme try to translate it and phrase it in a nice flow-y way. It's mainly a background on the founder of the House of Gucci.

"Debuting long before the all too famous Gucci's GG pattern, I wonder if you know of Gucci's icon? Called the Diamond (Diamante), this pattern made Gucci's name widely known throughout the world, after which the GG pattern replaces it to become one of Gucci's hot commodities.

In 1897, Guccio Gucci, who started working at London's Savoy Hotel was around 16 years old. While working there for a couple of years, he honed his own skills, intuition and feelings of the English aesthetics, and studied deeply the likings and preferences of the nobles and those in the upper echelons of society. Taking all of the things he learnt back to Italy, Guccio, together with an artisan/craftsman from Toscana (Tuscany), devised a plan based on fine craftsmanship and opened a leather goods speciality shop cum workshop along Firenze's (Florence) Vigna Nuova. That was in 1921 when Guccio was 40 years old.

Due to Guccio's refined sense of taste coupled with the high quality of craftsmanship from the craftsman from Toscana, in the blink of an eye, Gucci's elegant and refined goods had people around the world enraptured by it. In 1935, the beige bottom and small dark brown diamond pattern suitcase was created. This pattern became Gucci's green (as in wet-behind the ears or let's say maiden) symbol and it propelled the Gucci brand to success.

From this season's pre-collection, this diamond pattern that is applied on the trimmings of the leather, the luggage will be (or is) on sale. 100% raw cotton, 2 of the warps and woofs (threading terms) are dyed. Using the dobby loom mechanism that is found in dresses, shirts and the kind, the material and texture is weaved with utmost diligence. Because of the weave's hatching and the thread's colour, the raw material becomes something that is rich and has depth. Also, the red leather trimming combination makes it very charming and fascinating."

That's the whole article. Some things might be lost in translation but you get the gist. It took me 5 minutes to do this so no QC! Haha.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey thanks carpe diem!:-)

so helpful and nice of you to translate. Now we know more!

It precedes the GG


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It's almost the same price as the Guccissima leather ones...yikes! But the red is lovely...

Allan said...

Kevin, you're evil! I'm trying to look away from bags (I haven't bought one in months!) and I really LOVE the first one.

Must. Resist.

Wait. For. Sale.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

it's nice eh? Not so many branding all over:-P

freshmess said...

I didn't see the info as posted by carpe diem above last night, I was just browsing and the bags were there. :)

Niz said...

Though personally, I love the interlocking Gs more, I still feel that one should give this latest pattern a chance to make a comeback as without the old, there will be no new. :) Right? Hehe... Anwho, if I were to get one, I'll definitely get the tote. It'll be nice if they come up with a messenger as well... ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Mark! SO sad, it seems they are not giving this pattern much emphasis in promoting or bring awareness. No wonder I cannot find any info thru googling as well.

I thought this could be something Gucci can leverage on..since it ain't bad looking. And more subtle.

They should be more clever like LV..who can manipulate their monograms and come up with many variants that sell like hotcakes!

BTW, have you gotten you LV FW2009 scarf yet? I put my name down...but I wonder in the end will I get...:-P


Fatah said...

A few years back they released a wallet range with this pattern, i bought one at Paragon Singapore... was on sale 50% off..

deluxeduck said...

loving the diamanté pattern. but i think i prefer it with more subdued leather trims like black or navy blue.

freshmess said...

i kinda agree with dd, i would probably have seen this at a more postivie note had the leather trimming been in other than colors than red. i'm not too hot on a red bag...

i haven't gotten my LV etole damier yet, on the waitlist for the black but i'm really eyeing the bordeaux, which our store ain't getting accdg to my SA. she's trying to have transfers from within europe but it's proving to be quite a feat. i'm trying my luck in the city i'm visiting in three weeks time. here's to hoping. :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Mark and Javier, I have a feeling more colours will surface if the lines goes well:-P Perhaps the red is to test the market.

:-P Will be nice to see more colours.