Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My MANy Bags News #104

Below: The young stars seen at the screening of Harry Porter And The Half Blood Prince!:-)

Below: As seen on the wizard 'Ron Weasley'..the Helmet Skull Print tee illustrated by Kelly D Williams...

Below: I like this Sunshine Skull tee:-P

Below: Headphone skull tee rocking away:-P

Below: The funny Karate Tee:-P

2K by Gingham Helmut Skull Tee on Rupert Grint!

Check out Rupert Grint's (Harry Porter's Ron Weasley) ultra cool T-shirt by 2K by Gingham:-) It features a helmut skull for that bad boy look. Quite an interesting graphic, biker cool:-P

The amazing looking t-shirt is available at for just £35.00! What could be better than that!:-)

Also available in other interesting designs, I adore the Black Sunshine Skull Tee which is a skull face composed of many happy cute graphics such as little bunnies and some Mickey Mouse looking character. Something happy forming something dark? How quaint:-)

I also like the karate tee which has a very distinctive and quirky illustration style!

Dun we love t-shirts:-)

Looking forward to watching the much hyped 'Harry Porter and The Half Blood Prince' movie next Thursday!

Source: My Wardrobe


wax said...

those are cute tees! i want one! :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey Wax,

it's cute eh? hehe. Which one do you liek best?

Allan said...


would you do the nasty with Rupert Grint?


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

No thanks. Hahaha. and he's too young:-P