Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My MANy Bags News #105

Below: The 'Save The Children' Sterling Silver Pendant

Below: The 'Save The Children' Sterling Silver Ring

Bvlgari 'Save The Children' Sterling Silver Pendant With Leather Necklace

I have blogged about Bvlgari's 'Save The Children' charity campaign in conjunction with their 125th anniversary celebration. It seems their efforts to raise funds for the campaign do not stop with the STC ring (which I acquired just a few months back despite a long wait), they have recently launched a sterling silver pendant based on the same tribute design to its founder, Sotirio Bulgari.

The ring design pendant has beautiful inscriptions on the surface as per those on the STC ring. It comes tied to a nice leather necklace. Looks amazing:-) and you are also helping impoverished children have a better future thru opportunities for education.

Retails for US$290 of which US$60 will go towards the 'Save The Children' campaign.

Available for sale at all Bvlgari boutiques and


Anonymous said...

i said i'll wait for the pendant, but i think i'll be giving this a miss too. wasn't doing anything for me when i saw it in the boutique a few weeks ago.

Jeron said...

The pendant is nice...i like this kind of necklace.

But will SG sell this in almost the same pricing as on their website?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think the pricing will be very much comparable since this is for charity:-) so it will not be too much higher:-)

Ryan said...

Is it in the Singapore store already??? Cheers

SE@N said...

I think the price is about the same as the ring. R u going get the pendant, Kevin ? I saw at DTF in Taipei and it's a little too big.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour !!

I just bought it today, the price in France is 220€

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Congrats Anony:-P

ANd Ryan. it is available in Singapore. Price is SGD $555, i think. Same as the ring:-)

And sean, yeah, a bit big. If I were to get it, I use my own metal chain. Dun like leather lace.:-)