Sunday, 19 April 2009

My MANy Bags News #66

Below: A ring for a good cause...

Below: Help the children have a future!

Below: Ben Stiller

Below: Jason Lewis (Sex and the city)

Below: Isabella Rossellini

Below: Terrence Howard and many more...

Bvlgari 125 Years Anniversary - Save The Children 'Rewrite The Future' Campaign

Bvlgari has chosen to celebrate its 125 years anniversary by participating in a meaningful Save The Children 'Rewrite The Future' Campaign. This project aims at providing education and thus a better future to millions of children suffering from the consequences of war and conflict.

Bvlgari hopes to raise 10 million euros by end 2009 of which 1 million euros has already been donated.

In support of this campaign, Bvlgari has specially created a silver ring to help the cause. The ring is engraved on the outside with the founder's name, Sotirio Bulgari and on the inside 'Save The Children' logo as a reminder for the wearer of its purpose. Unusual of Bvlgari, who has long favoured gold, the ring is a tribute to Sotirio Bulgari's origins as a silversmith.

The ring is now available for sale in Bvlgari boutiques around the world. It retails for SGD $555 in Singapore and 20% of the ring sales proceeds will go to the project:-) That's quite a generous percentage!

What better way to show your support for a good cause than to own a piece of luxury jewellery and yet help children have a better future. The latter itself is already the best satisfaction one can ever have in life than owning any luxury goods.

Join in the stellar cast of celebrities who have all become the spokesperson of this project, including Ben Stiller and sexy Jason Lewis (Sex and the city).

Hurry get your ring soon and show you care!



Shoe-Holic said...

"Got" mine already. But still not with me physically as Bulgari has nonchalantly brushed me aside and told me to just "Wait" since I have voluntarily paid a handsome 100% deposit out of good faith that Bulgari will deliver soonest possible. My receipt dates Feb 15 so I have officially waited more than 2 months.

The best response I've gotten so far from service reps, "We know for sure there's no shipment in Mar". Back to "Happy Waiting". If they cannot at least pin down a timeframe then what audacity to collect 100% deposit. I know it's Bulgari so they won't scam your miserable 555SGD. But this is not a monetary matter anymore. It really is bad service if you ask me. They don't even try to appease you. I'll be sure to dump my moni into Cartier the next time.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

OOps...I paid half a deposit today...


Shoe-holic said...

Latest update. After writing the earlier post I decided to head over to the boutique just to see if they have an update for me. This time round the service rep flipped through a liitle notebook to look at the customer list that placed orders for the ring. And it seems they couldn't find my name in it and in the end had to scan through their "soft" copy on their computer. That really drove me up the wall because the ring could have already arrived but because my record was not on the notebook they could have given it to someone else first. This of course is just pure conjecture on my part but neevertheless I'd assume anyone in my situation would think likewise. Anyway the rep kindda picked up on my frustration and decided to do more searching in their store room. Minutes later the rep came out with a print put of my proof of deposit and another ring but it's one size smaller than the one I ordered. It fitted but not as nicely. So I rejected the "kind" offer. Ok kudos to that at least something was done this time round. Well back to waiting.

Allan said...

Jason Lewis looks A LOT older.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi jay,

glad to know at least something is being done to right your case. Hope you get your ring soon. It must be so frustrating to go thru the long waiting.

Horrible. I hope I will not face the same problem. Yikes. Now I am having second thoughts to place the deposit.

and Allan, Jason Lewis is older in the pics. It's a head see every lines on the face!

Anonymous said...

Hi, there,

Got it from Melbourne and cost AUD440 and finally, about SGD415 after tax rebate and exchange rate!

alan said...

Hi kevin , It is available in limited period or a permanent collection?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I think it is available for a limited period...since it is to raise funds for the project. And there is a set target of the amount to be raised.

But do enquire at Bulgari for more confirmed information.:-)