Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #43

Trussardi Fall Winter 2009 Ad Campaign For Men's Accessories

If there are any ideas to spruce up a duffel bag, then Trussardi's fall winter 2009 collection triumphs in its attempt to offer us a seemingly endless range of options. I think the other designers might be very unhappy, now that they will have less ideas to toy around with for their next duffel bag designs:-P

But quantity does not necessary equate quality, some of these Trussardi duffel bag seem bland. The one with the embossed dog symbol does not look right for me at all.

The best looking ones in my opinion are the gold duffel and the plaid ones, which in its simplicity thru use of materials, speaks volumes. Of course, anything in crocodile skin is lust worthy. There is nothing new about these bags, it's just duffel bags in its most basic form...but then again, functionality sometimes is all we need for a bag to serve its intended purpose.

I think Andres Velencoso Segura simply look sexy posing with the bags despite being more of a vessel than the main focal subject of the ad campaign. Talk about stealing the limelight:-P

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Source: Trussardi

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Nico said...

Male models do end up being a "vessel" like you said, or in the words of others, an 'accessory" to an accessory in this case. Anyway, the bags look great. And yeah, the one with the embossed dog isn't very appealing. But it's refreshing to see that there is variety, and they are available!