Saturday, 29 August 2009

My MANy Bags News #121 - In The Closet: Fall Essentials 2009 (Happy Stimulating The Economy Edition)

Tyler and Josh is back! My favourite duo is back from a long hiatus...these 2 cute In the Closet boys loves poking fun at each other while doing their part to impart style tips and drinking hard liquor at the same time. Sounds like a tall task...or a dream job? One thing is certain, they are absolutely entertaining to watch:-)

Have a good laugh and learn something about what to buy this Fall Winter 2009 season. Happy Stimulating The Economy! (Quoting from the video...and do remind me next time, guys do not say Happy Shopping:-P)



Allan said...

it's kinda weird seeing straight guys talk about fashion and what they're going to buy. LOL

Agency Exec said...

and why is that? I guess some straight men can like fashion just like some women ignore it :-)