Monday, 10 August 2009

My MANy Life's Inspirations #11

Below: Jason Brooks' very sexy illustrated album one draws it as good as him...

Hed Kandi Beach House 2009

I am a huge fan of beach themed grooves. And Hed Kandi's Beach House is the ultimate indispensible sundrenched summer listening. Soulful tunes that is inspired by chic beach mansions and hotels from St Tropez to Bali. These are music to lounge to from sunrise to sundown, best played at a comfortable volume from the pool area of your beach front retreat. Of course, always complimented by the gentle sounds of waves kissing at a nearby crescent shores. Needless to say, clad up in the trendiest togs from Prada to Balmain while you groove away for pure chic bliss!

My favourite track from this 2009 album has to be my favourite group, Afterlife's Fantasy. The kind of sultry dreamy piece that makes you feel sensual and want grind some bodies at the nearest dancefloor:-P

Quoting from the album cover "...the beach is your catwalk, the harbour is your dancefloor..." If you are fond of 'sand dunes and salty air', then this album is for you.

Excuse me, I am off to my imaginary Balearic beach vacation...

Sample the tracks here.

Source: Hed Kandi

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