Monday, 10 August 2009

My MANy Bags News #111

Bagaholicboy Giveaway...Where to find the link to the hidden code?:-P

As you guys know our most beloved Bagaholicboy is celebrating his blog's 2nd anniversary with not 1 but 11 gorgeous arm candy to give away! Choose from Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Agnés B, Killspencer and many more. I am drooling already from the selections. So for those who have entered and are ready for the final phrase of entering the draw...where will you begin to look for the link on my blog to the hidden code?

Will you search from top to bottom, high and low, inside and out? Oh remember it is essential to look on the side as well:-P Click away and it will take you to the hidden code...

Good luck!


stellarvixen said...

alrightie!! the 2nd code word..
this is all too fun!


stellarvixen said...

me first me first
do i get anything extra..
i have 2 codeword already *yay!!

hy said...

thank you for the obvious hint! have the other bloggers uploaded the link as welll???

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

You guys are most welcome. Good job stellarvixen:-)

hope you guys win!

I am not sure if the other bloggers have uploaded. I know Joe (00o00) has done it.


Fero said...

Lol i found yours and Joe's in the wee hours this morning :P! even without ya obvious hint! :P

but you really did made it fun with the hints haha.

And i think (rather am quite sure) Jav's and Mark's aint up yet.

su des!

cameron said...

crap, please help me...i have no idea where it is! i neeeed a bag tooo. kevin, be my savior and give me another hint!?[:

Eclair Au Chocolat said...

It's very funny to search all that hints between 4 blogs. It worth it! 2 codewords in my box. Waiting for Mark and Javier.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


look on the 'side' like my post said:-)


cameron said...

AHHH! where on the side. i apologize for my stupidity, but when it comes to tech. i am a total clueless person. which side are we talking about? help. again. kevin?[;

Charis said...

Dear Kevin,

Ive tried all the links at the side of the blog, its up to no avail...ive been trying high and low..ive been reading ur blog since ur gucci t-shirt purchase(the grey one)

ive tried to search the links all the way to the bottom left corner...
but i still can't find anything

is there any further hints you could share with everyone here pretty pretty please?

Thanks in advance....