Monday, 30 November 2009

Gender Bender #54

Below: Acne Jeans' new Spring Summer 2010 denim with metal plate accents... cool eh? I love this white version with the metal knee pads!

Below: Or the blue one with its 'armour' like metal plating...

Acne Jeans With Metal Plates Spring Summer 2010

Check out these cool skinny jeans from Swedish label, Acne Jeans! As their name suggests, the brand is synonymous with denim and has even collaborated with Lanvin for their denim line. So expectations are high now to see what Acne can come up with for their Spring Summer 2010 collection. Fortunately, they did not disappoint... :-P Cool metal plate accents are added to the upcoming denim offerings, reminiscent of Balenciaga's Sci-Fi aesthetics but yet not derivative. Fabulous! I wonder if I can squeeze into one... suddenly I am loving my 'skinny' legs.:-P I will go for the white one with the metal knee pads. The blue version might be too hard for guys to pull off... What do guys think?

Source: Acne Jeans


killianfallon said...

I actually seriously love these! I'm a guy and I think that I would try these out. I think a man could pull them off if they just wore them well. Some people just don't wear clothes well! I think these paired with Doc Martens that are under the jeans and a fierce jacket and you'd be set. I think it's about confidence. I actually think that a man could pull off the blues easier than the whites! However its all my opinion. I can't wait to see these on street style websites. Might make my own actually, I have a few empty pepsi cans lying around somewhere hahah

Devon Reece said...

These are fantastic!!! I would love to see a mens version. The indigo pair is definitely the way to go though; full blown armor status. Love them!!!