Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Material Boy #341

Below: I want these retro inspired Tom Ford Pablo Aviator Sunglasses! Cos' I like the '2 looks in one' design!

Below: 2 sets of interchangeable lens for the 'fickle minded' fashion fans...

Below: Another look which is just as cool!

Below: In shiny gunmetal and dark havana...this one looks real good...(drools as I type this)

Below: In gold and shiny black...

Tom Ford Pablo '2 in 1' Aviator Sunglasses

Good design speak for themselves. Paired them with functionality and you have a sure winner. Tom Ford's Pablo '2 in 1' Aviator Sunglasses is just a good combination of both with a touch of Tom Ford panache. Retro inspired from an old Ted Lapidus aviator (probably 1970's which Tom Ford often reminisces) and old 1980's Porche Design Aviators with the plastic inserts out, it's 2 styles in one. Remove the outer thicker plastic rim and interchange it with a more refined thinner frame, you swop your looks as you vary the style. The Pablo is offered in 3 colors gold/light havana (First pic above), gunmetal/dark havana, and gold/black.

How ingenious or call it double worth the price! I can be fickle minded and I like variety so this pair of sunglasses will serve me very well:-P

We worship the 'grounds' that Tom Ford stands...and when a 'shopping temptation' comes with a double dose of his ingenuity, we obligingly surrender our credit cards. Sold online here for any interested parties.

Source: Selectism

Retail price: US $450. Where to buy: Eye Goodies

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Nikko said...

those are really preety, omg. I need them like NOW.