Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Material Boy #343

Below: Copper coloured Metallic blazers...stunning!

Below: Comes in silver too!

Topman Metallic Skinny Blazers

End of the year equates to lots of parties to attend! Year end dinner and dance, X'mas parties, New Year's parties, store opening parties... that is lots of occassion to dress smart and look the part. And if you want to 'shine' and bedazzle your peers, I found the perfect statement piece to add some 'sparkling' attitude and make all eyes centre on you. All done without breaking the bank!

Topman's Skinny Fit Metallic Blazers...I want, especially that copper coloured one! Topman blazers fit superbly with a wide range of sizes for slim to buff guys. Very modern cut and these metallic ones make me feel like a rock star. Sadly, Singapore Topman stores do not get these gorgeous jackets, but those of you in Europe can order it online. Lucky you! Someone send me to UK again to buy these!

Source: Topman Retail price: £100. Where to buy: Topman


Karin said...

Nice blog you have there. Nice blazer!! I like xD
But its sad to hear that SG won't be bring it in >_<

[v] said...

wow, it looks gorgeous!
i will be coming back to Singapore end of the year, and i'm currently in UK. if you like, i could bring it back for you!! let me know your size! :)
i'm obsessed with the silver one!

p76 said...

oh yes! kevin!
i saw those in and i was drooling. too bad sg stores dun carry. our local collection is really slow and limited.