Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My MANy Bags News #168

Jude Law And Hermès Losange Scarf At The London Premier of Sherlock Holmes

Hermès Losange Scarf on Jude Law during the London Premiere of Sherlock Holmes:-) I love it, from the way it's tied on him and the colour! He seems to have more hair now (although not lacking on the chest!)...I dunno why. His Dunhill Ad campaign makes him appear to have less:-) But nonetheless, he is one of my favourite actors. His British accent is so cute! Okay back to the Hermès Losange... never knew there is a polka dots version, but I love it! A perfect X'mas gift, I must say... :-P

Source: Popbytes


Allan said...

yes, a cashmere GM losange:

there's a silk GM losange now, which is more affordable than a cashmere, but the one I saw was just a blue-and-brown striped one.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Allan!

:-) U are so updated with Hermès now!:-P

Allan said...

I just like to hang out at tPF and pop by my store every now and then. Doesn't mean I buy a lot from H. LOL

Anonymous said...

The scarf is a lovely piece of art but it looks ridiculously out of place with the rest of Jude Law's outfit. His suit is one size too large and I don't even want to start on that tee.