Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My Shopping Conquest #99: Bangkok Mall 'Loot'!

Below: 1st Bangkok shopping conquest... Balenciaga!

Below:'s another women's Balenciaga Stretch Cotton Skinny Denim since they fit so well and the cut is great!

Below: In a khaki olive colour that is perfect for Spring Summer 2010's military chic!

Below: As sold on, also at 50% off!

Below: Fits great! Not too skinny to look ridiculous!

Below: Shopping loot #2...from Thai label, 27 Friday!

Below: A unique grey cotton blazer with interesting 'dotty' patchwork details! very unique with limited pieces made:-P

Below: The back also feature the 'tone on tone' patchwork dots.. I love it! Kinda Comme Des Garcons... but with it's own flavour:-P

Below: A unique grey cotton blazer with interesting 'dotty' patchwork details! Limited pieces are made:-P

Below: Shopping find #3...from Greyhound's End of Season sale:-P The headlines on the sale shopping bag is cute:-)

Below: Will you seriously do this?!?!?

Below: It's a drapy looking asymmetric v-neck t-shirt in deep green. Looks fabulous under a black blazer, the draping effect creates a design of it's own:-)

Bangkok Mall Finds! (Balenciaga Cotton Stretch Skinny Denim + 27 Friday Grey Patchwork Blazer + Greyhound Asymmetric V-Neck T-shirt)

A wonderful and eventful past 2 days, meeting up old friends, checking into my favourite Bangkok hotel, Le Meridien Bangkok, wine and dine at Bamboo Chic, lounging by the hotel pool with a cute new friend and last of all a education and yet fun thai cooking class at Blue Elephant.. WOW... I think I did more than I would have in Singapore. Talk about restful vacation, it's non existent in a city like Bangkok. But I am happy. Especially with my very memorable morning with my cute new friend:-) If you are reading this, you know how much I enjoy the short time we spend:-P

So after much delay, I finally had time to compile my pictures for my shopping finds on Monday! Shopping excitement to get unique and interesting pieces:-)

First up, another Balenciaga pants from the fairer gender to add to my wardrobe. The fit is great, the fabric is comfortable and lightweight while price is at 50% off can I resist. Welcome my new pair of Balenciaga Cotton Stretch Skinny Denim. I love the Khaki Olive colour which is military chic for the coming Spring Summer season!

Another most surprising find is this wonderfully quirky and special '27 Friday' Grey Blazer with Patchwork Details. Quite understated while being eye catching, the blazer has a fitted cut, gorgeous to touch lightweight fabrication and interesting tone on tone fabric patches all over the blazer! Definitely not something you can track down anywhere in shops easily! So I had to buy this very limited release piece since I am a blazer fan:-)

Lastly, the draping look is getting my interest these days. Something along the lines of Rick Owens, Damir Doma or Julius. So when I saw this Greyhound Asymmetric V-neck T-shirt with unusual displaced seams, it was love at first sight. The soft fabric drapes beautifully on the body, creating a design by itself and the green colour adds a punch of visual impact to any outfit.

Tommorrow is new year's wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Le Meridien Bangkok is having wonderful new year's celebration menus from THB 5500 for 2 inclusive of a bottle of Moët and Chandon. I think it's such great value for new year's eve celebration at such a cool hotel! So if you are in Thailand.. this is excellent to spend new year's eve!:-)

Retail price:
1) Balenciaga Stretch Cotton Skinny Denim - THB 13500 (50% off now!)
2) 27 Friday Grey Patchwork Blazer - THB 4950
3) Greyhound Deep Green Asymmetric V-neck T-shirt - THB 1095 (40% off now!)

Where to buy:
1) Balenciaga Boutique at Siam Paragon, Bangkok
2) 27 Friday and Greyhound Boutique at Siam Center, Bangkok


Davine said...

Love the Balenciaga jeans, Kevin. And I got that same D&G tee with the skull.

deniz said...

hh! that's kills me...

Anonymous said...

why do you always photograph inside the fitting rooms? do you even buy the stuff you so claim to do????

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Anonymous, if you think I get them then it means I did get them, if you think otherwise, then I did not get them:-P Up to you to think what you want.

Anonymous said...

@ Kevin, well what a cop-out answer.

guess im also starting a blog and taking photos in the fitting rooms as i try on designer garb and lying that im purchasing them all...


happy 2010

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you:-) Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. In this world, you cannot please everyone. And as for that lying remark...well, truth is out there for those who knows and those who are ignorant do not deserve the truth:-)

Nikko said...

I'm so jealous of you kevin! I wish I can afford balenciaga! :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Nikko, the balenciaga is at 50% off! So it is not too ex!:-) sells it for around £76 without VAT now. Also 50% off!

Fatah said...

Kevin, u are siiiiickkkk!!! (in a good way of course)
Love that Balenciaga jeans on you, argh, if only i'm a slim as u...