Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Material Boy #357

Alexander McQueen Blue Patent Leather Gladiator Sandals

It's 2010! Time flies and I am now back to Singapore, and here's to the first weekend of 2010 going strong and steady for mymanybags:-) and all its readers:-)

First post of the new decade, instead of bags, I shall lust about my second love, shoes! Contrary to believe, gladiator style shoes are not dead! I was expecting the trend to go into restful demise after Balenciaga's Spring Summer 2008 collection with those killer gladiator styles seen on Jennifer Connelly. That spur off even into the men's shoe trend. Now till this day, and next season being Spring Summer 2010, these shoe styles are back (together with the strong battle ready tough chic themes ...Just look at Balmain, Givenchy, Gucci and Burberry Prorsum), but modified to a more modern look both in woman's and men's collections.

(Having said that, the new gladiator styles are not plain strappy knock offs you see abundant on the streets. Most have lots of other embellishments to make it fresh again, in the form of details, marterials or colour. So be selective so you do not end up living in 2 seasons ago cos the most innovative styles will win the day! I will look towards fashion forward brands like Balenciaga, Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen, Christian Louboutin, Gucci (Yes, their women's collection is very bold and strong next Spring Summer 2010, but not the mens), Pierre Hardy for their creations.)

There, you can imagine how exciting it is for me to see this pair of Alexander McQueen Gladiator Sandals in Blue Patent Leather! Space age, out of this world electric blue colour and patent leather material, combined with interesting cutout designs and laces, this is one cool shoe to flaunt at your feet and pretend you are trekking in Pandora (Movie Avatar's very surreal beautiful world!). I have seen these in real in Club 21 Bangkok both in white or black, but the blue patent leather somehow embody a more contemporary twist. I also like the blue skull motif on the wooden soles, which 'fierce' it up even more. However, one improvement I could think of for the sandals, is perhaps add a zip for easy wearing! I cannot imagine the hassle of undoing the laces each time you put them on! But then again, fashion fans are willing to go thru any trouble in the name of fashion!

Source: Browns Fashion

Retail price: £295. Where to buy:


Riza said...

Great shoes; I definitely love Alexander McQueen's collections!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same pair in tan leather at the Alexander McQueen store on Old Bond Street. I think the tan leather looks better! Almost bought them, but my dad stopped me..... T_T. Kinda regretted not grabbing them then, and they were in my size!

Anonymous said...

how much the gladiator in Bangkok.. THB..??

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anony,

I think around SGD $800 after conversion. Cannot remember the exact THB amount. But I did a quick calculation then and it was around this price in SGD.




hi kevin!

I'm looking for Mcqueen's sandals on Internet, and then, I found such a cool blog!!!

I couldn't find the cool sandals in tokyo... maybe already sold out...Browns as well..

Do you know the shop still sale the massive item??
I don't mind colour of that,
If you know some infomation Please let me know!!!!