Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Runway Sniper #49

Below: Some of my favourite looks from Mihara Yasuhiro's Spring Summer 2010 Men's Collection... Love those tattered tees (SGD $340 at Club 21 Mens, Singapore) whose distressed details become part of the design... notice how some of the strips of the fabric drapes down at the waist:-)

Below: The outer wear although looking simple, has many interesting details such as attached scarves with braided ends... that provides many interesting layering possibilities.

Below: I tried on this very special polo tee (SGD $340 at Club 21 Mens, Singapore) last weekend. Notice how the left and right side of the front somehow overlaps each other. Original and eye catching without 'shouting' for attention. The sandals
(SGD $840 at Club 21 Singapore) with a suede ankle wrap and cut out front spots a worn finish, as if you have treaded many miles with them. A statement making footwear that is a must have! (I have blogged about this pair of sandals here)

Below: Another version of the tattered tees, even more distressed (SGD $460 at Club 21 Singapore). But they worked great under any blazers or jacket as it gives a nice textural appeal to the look. Sold out at Club 21 Mens, Singapore in Navy colour in just 2 weeks, and the khaki colour has only one piece left...

Below: Another gorgeous piece : A blazer with an attached braided scarf (SGD $1580 at Club 21 Mens, Singapore). Soft fabric which has a delibrate washed effect and the dents at the back spot a cute hidden silver coin. Great for a bit of flair and drama:-) while not trying too hard.

Below: Love this look! The rose (the rose was also one of the objects in the book) scarf is versatile around the neck or the waist as a belt. The ankle strap shoes is also one of my favourites:-)

Below: Enter the 'Prince'... and his glorious crown:-)

Below: A distinctive showpiece that is also featured on the ad campaign:-)

Mihara Yasuhiro Spring Summer 2010 Menswear

A collection of child-like fantasy, of men who never grows up, of youthful charm that is ever lasting. Based on the famed children's book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince, Mihara Yasuhiro's Spring Summer 2010 Mens Collection comes with a display of boyish looks that is an expression of childhood innocence with colours (metallics and black) that depict explorations of deep space. The collection may look bountiful to the eyes with careful play on layering... surprisingly, it is a very wearable collection that has fast risen to my top favourite for this new season.

Tattered tees, soft flowing baggy trousers and shorts, worn out shoe/sandals depict the toils of journey embarked by the book's lead character. Innovative detailing such as braided ends of scarf that is attached to blazers, vests or shirts and highly original cris-cross displacement of front of polo tees, ranks high on creativity. There is also interesting footwear with ankle suede wrap on cut out sandals, or ankle strap for lace-ups, all of which pushes the male footwear design. I also love the rose scarf which was used as a versatile accessory worn/drape around necks or tied around waists for a refined charm.

At the end of the show, an appropriate last look of our dear 'Prince' wearing his handsome crown (also feature as one of the imagery for the ad campaign). Indeed, a fabulous collection that is worthy of a bit of 'royalty' in all of us:-)

I got a few pieces from the collection at Club 21 Mens, Singapore which some designs have already sold out (in sizing or the design). The collection is also sold exclusively in London at Browns Fashion store at South Moulton Street. Just check out their window display from a few weeks back. Mihara Yasuhiro is also retailed online via Luisaviaroma.

Below: Window display featuring Mihara Yasuhiro at Browns Fashion (London)... starry background is very cute:-)

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Nothing can be perfect in this world. There is some room for improvement elsewhere or in the future. But to me, this Mihara Yasuhiro collection do come close:-)



Anonymous said...

Ooh I want that.. ok, I need that distressed tee now!

nikko said...

Hey kevin, where did you see the campaign? jw. I really want to see it. :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Nikko, I saw it on the latest issue of Japanese mag: HUGE

If you can get access to Kinokuniya Bookstores, then they will stock it:-)

Kit said...

the footwear is actually more engaging than the clothes themselves.

Nikko said...

thanks kevin! :D I just bought the mag!

btw I love this blog! Keep up the good work!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Nikko! glad u got the mag. It has interesting spring items featured and looks too:-)

Anonymous said...

i like this collection! and i so want those tattered shirts and sandals are so cool!

Romain said...

You can also find Miharayasuhiro in Hibrid (Ljubljana, Slovenia), including the tshirt with tear (distressed). Khaki is sold out, there is still black available for 220€.

There is also many other pieces from the looks you selected!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Romain for the info! Great to have the brand available in other parts of the world. This collection is exceptionally wearable and interesting.