Monday, 15 February 2010

The Material Boy #366

Below: A new design for
Fall Winter 2010 Balmain Motorcross Jeans... I wonder how this cropped version works for guys. But I love the knee details and construction.
(Price: € 1049.17, the most expensive of the selection of jeans offered...)

Below: How it looked on the model...

Below: The signature motorcross jeans in new washes and colours (Price: € 905.83 for lighter version, Price: € 805.83 for darker version)

Below: The darker coloured version on the model... I love this model and his look! He pull off the bad boy vibe very well.:-)

Below: Available in regular denim blue as well (Price: € 1005.00 for darker version, Price: € 971.67 for lighter version)

Below: The girls have leggings, so does the boys next season! (Price: 1148.33 for these lambskin leather leggings, Price: € 651.67 for military cargo pants)

Below: I am not exactly a fan of these more regular looking ones (Price: € 353.33 for 'normal' looking version, Price: € 662.50 for the ultra destroyed version: I honestly cannot justify paying this much of a pair of jeans that looks like it will fall apart anytime soon! )

Below: I love this 'Balenciaga' lookalike peacoat (Price: € 2010.00)

Below: The stripe tee works great under the pea coat (Price: € 220.83)

Below: The complete look on the model... I heart!

Below: Another military wool coat design with officer rank insignia on the sleeves
(Price: € 1700.83)

Below: A waxed denim duffel coat with shearling lining. Love the big hood! (Price: € 1700.83)

Below: Multi-coloured 'monkey' print t-shirt which looks great under a jacket (Price: € 331.67)

Below: as does this palm tree print t-shirt... (Price: € 331.67)

Below: For more formal attires... this satin lapel jacket greatly expresses an air of suaveness (Price: € 1612.50)

Below: My favourite piece of the collection. A pinstripe slim fitted blazer that contrast biker nonchalance with gentlemen elegance (Price: € 1391.67)

Below: This look is practical to achieve and smart for guys with an attitude:-)

Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2010 Menswear

All Balmain fans alert... if you miss out on getting pieces of Spring Summer 2010 Balmain Homme ready-to-wear in your sizing or preferred designs, fret not. Luisaviaroma has cleverly allowed for preview and pre-order for next fall season's selection on their website! Talk about speed, it is key to growing your business in this efficiency driven society. I wonder how effective it is for Luisaviaroma to have this pre-order feature on their website but it does help them to ascertain what sells and what will not. The idea is definitely smart and we consumers get the benefit of added convenience and first hand knowledge of what comes next. This helps us to plan our purchases.

Below are my selection from the new Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2010 collection.

Most noteworthy are this new cropped denim jeans with new patchwork designs. And of course, the brands signature biker jeans with ribbed details are back with even more vengenance in different colours and washes. I am however unsure what to make of that ultra distressed version which seem like it's going to fall apart before you even put it on.

Other interesting pieces include the psychedelic monkey and palm leaves print t-shirts. I also like the navy stripe sailor long sleeve tee which looks great under those wool coats. The wool pea coat does resemble one from Balenciaga's Fall Winter 2007 version with it's seemingly precision cut and fit. There is also a washed denim hooded shearling lined coat that looks set to shield you from any harsh winter temperatures.For smart formal looks, I adore the slim fit pinstripe blazer for razor sharp style during year end parties.

All in all, very wearable pieces if you have the $$$. And if not, as does always, Balmain dishevelled looks can easily be achieved by mixing and matching fast fashion pieces or exisitng wardrobe. So Balmain is 'attainable' in a certain sense. You just need key pieces like those biker jeans to anchor the Balmain style. (BTW, I feel those biker jeans only work with boots or other more avant garde footwear. A simple pair of normal lace-ups just looses the bad boy edge the jeans were meant to emulate.)

Preorder at All prices quoted without VAT.


Fatah said...

Another thing, to wear this collection (especially those jeans) you gotta have the same physique as those models, it doesnt work with human being with more than 10% of bodyfat... hehehehehe..

Allan said...

the T-shirts look nice but not EUR300+ nice. oh gawd, that's outrageous!

SE@N said...

love those biker jeans but not for 1,000 euro !!! price for BALMAIN has gone crazy...

davek48 said...

i'm guessing you've probably heard of these before...but i'm just realizing your slight obsession for the balmain jeans (mee tooo!!! haha)...but i just got a pair of biker-ish jeans that were slightly VERY balmain inspired...but not...but that's ok...rockstar jeans. they're on luisaviaroma...the primary reason that i'm almost positive you've seen them before...haha. but, just in case you haven't! :P