Thursday, 25 February 2010

My MANy Bags News #198

Below: Shearling Funnel Neck Aviator Jacket - £2,195

Below: Soft Shearling Funnel Neck Aviator Jacket - £2,395 (The reverse Shearling effect is amazing!)

Below: Military Doeskin Aviator Coat With Double Collar - £2,795 (My favourite design out of my top 8 picks. The design is masculine and will fit perfect on slimmer guys:-P)

Below: Military Doeskin Great Coat With Shearling Panel - £1,895 (Interesting contrast with shearling and the olive drab doeskin material.)

Below: Quilted Shearling Cropped Aviator Jacket - £2,195 (The quilted design makes this tough looking leather jacket look much more refined and elegant. Reminds me of Chanel:-p)

Below: Brushed Sheepskin Cropped Great Coat - £2,395 (So cosy and huggable!)

Below: Curly Shearling Cropped Jacket with Giant Collar - £1,895 (Feels like wearing a teddy bear, warm and fuzzy but chic!)

Below: Patchwork Shearling Trench Coat - £5,495 (Though pricey, it is so beautiful and luxurious! Balmain probably charge you double the amount if they have something similarly luxurious.)

Pre-order Burberry Fall Winter 2010 Womens Outerwear Collection

Ever jealous of celebrities and socialites getting first wear of runway clothes way before it hits the stores? Well here's your chance... Burberry's Fall Winter 2010 Women's outwear is up and ready for your pick, and you can wear them in 6-8 week's time:-) Having said that, you might have to blast up your aircon or escape to Antarctica as it will probably be spring by then. The weather might prove too warm for those gorgeous pieces:-P Nonetheless, owning a piece from the runway 6-8 months before any others can buy them in stores is a real thrill. I would do that if only menswear get such online sales initiative. When will boys get to have all the fun? Lucky girls!

Pre-order ends 26 Feb @ Expect 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Give Kate Hudson or Claire Danes a 'run for their money':-P

Source: Burberry

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