Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My MANy Life's Inspirations #13

Kris Van Assche: 10 Rules of Style

Kris Van Assche assumed a difficult role when he was appointed the creative director of Dior Homme right after Hedi Slimane's departure. Hedi Slimane left a lasting legacy of redefined menswear proportions that has only recently seen it fading away. Kris's Dior Homme was wrought with many criticism and comments, some harsh, some good. Nonetheless, he has slowly injected his own design idealism into Dior Homme. Although I have not taken into his designs at Dior yet, I adore his work at his own label. Some of the best shoe designs come from this man. Here's an article from Details magazine which the very 'eye pleasing' designer shared his 10 rules of style. An insightful read:

Belgian born designer Kris Van Assche has become a more recognizable figure in the fashion world. Starting of as a designer for Yves Saint Laurent, he now runs his own label and is currently the artistic director for Dior Homme, which he has headed since 2007. Kris Van Assche was recently featured in Details magazine where he shared his top 10 rules of style giving us more insight into his fashion choices.

 A lot of fashion houses design for the catwalk and not the street—then you see the clothes on a regular guy and it’s a mess. Don’t disguise your personality behind labels; impose it on the clothes.

The most embarrassing thing a man can own is a disposable razor. They’re for women. And speaking of grooming, there’s nothing less flattering than shaved legs.

 Wearing a pair of high-tops with a suit deconstructs the look, and that’s important. I like the way high-tops and pants act together. It’s like the effect of rolled-up sleeves for your trousers. Just make sure the socks match your sneakers, not the pants. If you like black high-tops, wear black socks. White, white.

I don’t really think I know a man who wouldn’t look good in black. Black is always good. It’s the basic.

 You can wear a white shirt to work, to dinner, to visit the grandmother, to the opera, on vacation, at the beach. It’s the true get-away-with-anything item.

 There’s definitely an age limit for wearing leather pants, but not for wearing leather jackets. A standout fashion leather jacket can look great on a young guy. And there are a lot of suedes that men can get away with at any age.

 Don’t just copy an outfit. Look in the mirror and do a reality check. It’s all about making the good match. You’ll know when something is right. And if you don’t, just walk down the street: If people look away from you, then you know you’ve done something wrong.

 When I took over Dior Homme, I was warned. I knew it was going to be tough—but it was worse. In life you need good friends, and at work you need a good team. There’s so much drama in life and work that you can easily get lost. You need to keep a little distance from everything.

 We’ve had beefy guys and we’ve had—well, skinny isn’t really the right word, it’s more like scary. Now men should be athletic, healthy. Today it’s about having a balance in life—having nice clothes, good food, and respecting your body.

 My grandmother told me there are two ways of living: You can either survive or you can really make a life. There is eating and there is dining. She would always give that extra little effort, and I still believe that is important—to make things more beautiful makes all the difference.

Most memorable of his 10 rules is rule No. 2. I couldn't agree more. Men should trim and avoid shaving their legs. It is 'disturbing' to see a guy with silky smooth legs :-P

Source: Upscale Hype via Details


Allan said...

I like #9.

And he is quite cute. Damn those Belgians! :-P

Pana said...

i like all of them!

i agree with allen, he is definitely cute : D

Anonymous said...

Same sentiments to no2. I'm a female, and seeing a man with shaved legs, arhem, that doesn't match my memories at all..

I love no10. Going the extra mile to change your life. It's always a fine line between here and there. Living life vs simply existing day to day.