Monday, 15 March 2010

The Material Boy #376

D&G 'Jeans Print' Swimshorts

Humans are generally visual animals. Especially men. So when I saw this pair of Spring Summer 2010 D&G 'Jeans Print' Swimshorts first modelled by hot model Sebastian Lund... I got smitten. Now while browsing thru Neiman Marcus' website, I got reaffirmed for my love of this pair of swimshorts. Using hot model to model garments is the best deal maker. I am sold. If only the shorts come with the hunk...:-P

The trompe l'oeil jeans print creates an interesting design for the white swimshorts. D&G has cuts that flatters a man's body and assets:-) So if you wanna be a bit more exhibitionist on the beach:-) This is for you!

Source: Neiman Marcus

Retail price: US$190. Where to buy:
Neiman Marcus


Anonymous said...

Noticed that the runway version is above the knee and shorter? Anyway, I am into my shorts being short..esp for swimming.

Allan said...

yep. Danish beauty.

straight Danish men sometimes look better than gay ones. it's so frustrating!

nikko said...

lol @ your comments on the model! anyway I think that's matt loewen and I think he has a boyfriend.