Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Material Boy #386

Below: I need these brightly coloured shirts for my beach vacations! The vibrant hues and prints makes me happy!

Below: These t-shirts are also a good wardrobe option for some chill time in the tropics!

Below: Pool time cool with these colourful swimshorts!

Etro Spring Summer 2010 Mens Shirts and Swimwear

These colour pieces are definitely NOT for the 'faint-hearted' men whose idea of male fashion dwells only in the realms of greys, blacks and blues. Etro's Spring Summer 2010 shirts and swimwear are for guys who wants fun and embrace a cheerful tropical summer! I love the prints and the bright hues, clothes that are for happy guys!

So who is in for a vibrant summer as well? I wouldn't mind these for my beach vacations!

Source: Etro


Anonymous said...

It will look great for deepavali and thaipusam too. Very "festive"...


Anonymous said...

1st shorts' print looks like S'pore Airline's uniform

killianfallon said...

Wow I love the designs but I'd never be brave enough. Except for the first shorts. I'd love them!

Anonymous said...

a trip down to etro is in order. =)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The colours are very bright:-P Will be nice to wear under a plain beige linen jacket and shorts to add a splash of flamboyance:-)

Of course, advise to refrain from wearing head to toe Etro colours and prints... one piece is good enough:-)